Sunday, August 9, 2009

Full moon night on the lake side

It was after watching “Love aaj kal, that me and Amar decided to have our last trip, can be called a break up trip to Goa.

We are a group of 8, with friends, boy n girl friends, ex’s and every sort of modern mess up. Me and Amar had been dating each other since 3 – 4 years. Now that my parents wanted me to get married, and as Amar was moving to Canada, for his job, with no plans of marriage, we had to break up. I was badly hurt, but was not able and did not want to express it. We were thrilled by the idea of break up party of “Love aaj kal” planed for break up trip.

We left here on last Friday night on 4 bikes. It was a full moon night, sky was almost clear, night was calm. Long stretch of straight roads didn’t thrill us much.

I said last trip to Goa in the beginning right? Yea….. it will be the last trip with friends. I fell in love with Goa, the first time I visited there and then it became our second home. Everything about Goa thrills me. Adventure sports, drinks, sleepless night and time I get with Amar there. We got intimate in one of our trips to Goa, so it means so much for me.

We had stopped on the way to warm up ourselves with a smoke. There were two roads in front of us, one which takes to Goa and another which is unexplored. It was a small road and we have never noticed it at all.

We thought of exploring this small new road. It was a mud road having lantana bushes on both sides. We rode for about 2 – 3 kilo miters and we saw a big rather very big lake. Absence of blowing wind has made the lake look calm and as a big sheet of glass. Moon light created a different effect, making the lake look more than beautiful. The shore of the lake was small and biking looked difficult.

We parked our bikes close by and decided to take a walk on the shore. I was leaning on Amar and walking on the shore was like walking on the path of roses for me. I knew my life will never be the same again. We walked kilo meters and reached an areca nut plantation. Fencing of the plantation was near the shore and it continued for a long stretch. We continued walking on the shore and reached the end of fencing and beginning of forest. We decided not to entre forest and move back, but we saw a water flow feeding the lake.

We changed our decision and followed the water flow in the forest. A big pond was the source of the water flow. We were all tired by that time and decided to rest. We sat down across the shore of the pond and started up with usual talk.

Then we saw a group of three, two guys and a gal coming out of the thick forest behind. They were talking about wild life and sounded as explorers of forest. They had modern bows and arrows and sharp knives. After they saw us they wanted to get all of us out of the forest safely.

Vikram was leading that group of three and was an expert in wild life. He warned to get out of farest ASAP.

In the mean while Naina throwed a stone in to the pond which obviously created waves. Sanjana, who was pretty much enjoying watching the clear water and moons reflection got annoyed and started fighting with Naina.

Water which was clear like gloss turned muddy in seconds. Movements inside the water increased as a hyper reaction to the stone thrown. We were all surprised, then Meena, from the team of three said that the movement in the water was not because of the stone and it is natural.

She continued: After certain time in the night, some creatures inside water become active and hunt for their food. As other nocturnal creatures they sleep in day and function in night. This also means that this is the time when other animals in the forest come to drink water. So this means we had limited time to get out of the forest.

Vikram showed a different way to get out… we all followed him. It was a wet and watery place inside the arecanut plantation. There was a small channel with slow water flow. Sky was fully covered by clouds and as we were waling inside the plantation the tall arecanut trees has made the place darker.

We were waling only based on Vikram’s instructions. Something moved in the water and suddenly Vikram took and arrow shot in a second. He said its a big fish which got missed in a fraction of second. We moved ahead.

Kiran, who was with Vikram had already hit 2 fishes. They had a plan of getting back to the forest and camping there for few more days.

After a point me and Vikram got separated from the group. Vikram lost his way and we were on a different path. As we walked down with the hope of joining the group again we entered another boundary with newly planted arecanut plants and more ups and downs as the place was newly cultivated.

Vikram suspected snake presence there so we walked carefully through the accumulated bio-garbage. After walking for a while we found a water source where some bamboos were put. Vikram said wading may be risky as we walked carefully on the bamboo poles.

There we heard a lady and a kid talking about a deer. Ah! At last we had reached main road we thought. Alas! We were wrong. The lady and the baby are from the local tribal group.

For our surprise we saw a dog protecting a newly born deer. When we observed it closely we were shocked to death to see that it was a cross breed of deer and dog. Vikram decided to take that creature to his laboratory.

Me… away from Amar in the safe hands of Vikram decided to move on to a new life.