Monday, July 25, 2011

Him V/S Me

Love fight.


What do you want from me?

I don’t want to be there for you anymore
If we had anything, that is already over
Leave me alone to lead my life
I have changed, you are not my type

Yesterday is lost, and doesn’t come back
No hard feelings on the walked track
You are now a detached wagon
Why can’t you realize? Why can’t you move on?

There are no reasons and answers to your questions
I have all rights to choose my own foes and friends
If my decisions have bothered you, I have nothing to say
I can’t help it, if you still feel you were a prey

What do you want from me, when I am not up to give
Stay away, please follow “live and let live”
My life is on my terms, you are not welcome anymore
Go out, have fun, fill your life, don’t be a bore.


You say it’s your life
Same applies to me
You say you want me no more
These words I hate, why should I care

Your feelings are priority to you
So is the case with me
If you are asking me to get out of your life
Why should I do when I want you back

You hide behind silence, I’ll keep calling your name
You don’t react, don’t bother, I’ll make my game
I’ll play on behalf of both of us, like they do in chess
Oh! You may say, I am such a mess

As you want your life in your terms, so do I
If silence is your weapon, dreams are mine
Our worlds may never collide, never become one
But with myself, with you in my dreams, am having fun.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I hate you

All I want to tell you is I hate you
For igniting positive thoughts in my mind
For making me smile all the while
For forcing me to get addicted to you

Any effort to be angry on you
Any intentions to fight and shout
Fail inside, just so easily
What have you made me in to?

That spring of love inside my heart
That you found, can never get dried
I always land up smiling
Whenever I think of you

It feels like rain drops, like flowers
Like sun set, moon light and cold wind
Like river, like mist and like infant
Bring a smile, whenever thought about

I fail to understand the craziness inside
I just open my arms wide
Wanting and waiting to give you a hug
And tell you how much I hate you