Friday, July 27, 2012


This one says, he is 60 , she is 18, some love stories are never meant to be understood. May I make a claim to have understood the love story?

This is another unusual types of movies in bollywood. Starring Mr. Big B, Revathi and Jiah khan. It is shot in a very beautiful location and made me fall in love with the place where it is shot.

Am not going to write the plot, as that you can get on google any minute. So…, Jia seems to have had a rough childhood missing her dad. Her mom is a divorcee and is now moved to living with another man. Jia hates her step dad. She is a very free spirited girl… like an 18 year old should be. Careless, free, fun, witty, attractive and sexy. She has interest in writing and has a dairy where she writes her poems and hides it from the world.

Vijay, is a 50+ish old photographer. He owns a tea estate and his house is in the midst of the estate. Amazing natural beauty. He treks around capturing the beauty of nature in his camera. Happily (??) married for 27 years. His daughters friend is Jia.

Jia comes to Vijya’s place for holidays. She has some strange kind of interest in Vijay. Very easily some girls show interest in elder men and change their world bit by bit till it actually turns upside down. Here too it happens that way. This starts with Vijay capturing the beauty of Jia in his camera, while she was playing with water. Jia looks really amazing, attractive and sexy to his eyes. She notices him clicking her picture and forces him to show them to her. They get close with each other slowly and steadily.

I think because she missed the love of her father, she tried to get close with Vijay to get that love she missed. But when you are beautiful and sexy and attractive, and you are asking for love, coziness and comfort from a man, it can easily be mistaken. Vijay has some strange attraction towards this young girl. The story moves forward, keeping one engaged. Anybody can guess the plot looking at the title and poster. It is that predictable, but the story line is very tight and keeps the audience involved.

There is an element of lustful love that appears between these two. They do pillow fight, share poetry, develop images together, they get cozy but the feelings attached keep changing and growing. They say, love cannot be hided, no matter what. That’s what happens here too. After this, there is a lot of drama.

What made me like this movie is the concept that an 18 year old girl, who tries to find father’s love in a 50+ old man and falls in love with him. As she is free and naughty, she does not hesitate to get intimate with him and kiss him. She does not hesitate to show him how young and beautiful she is. Show him how sexy she is. Also, how easily the old man’s life is turned around, learning an 18 year old girl has fallen for him. He dresses up better, keeps up a happy mood, he cherishes every second he spends with her.

What happens in the end is a tragedy. I cannot think of a better ending though. She comes like tsunami in his life and goes off like a tornado. This movie is WOW!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Saturday, July 21, 2012


You tell me you are there when I need you
How would I know that you are what I need?
I love you so much, that I need you always

How do I know when all should I reach you?
Emotional, mental, physical, financial, what crisis?
Are you the number I should put on emergency contact?

What would you do when I reach you in need?
Listen to all my sad stories and console me?
Provide solutions or be the solution to my problems?

How will you relate to me or to my problems
When you are not in touch and are long gone
When I reach you only when am in need and not otherwise

What if, you are not able to be there when I need you?
How would I take that additional disappointment?
Complain about your non-availability with you??!!

Would I need you when am happy or is it only for pain?
How many times would you wipe off my tears with patience?
Won’t you drift away, bored of being my punching bag?

You tell me you are there when I need you
Will you really be there? How can I believe you?
Being just a phone call away is not being there always…


Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Krishna

You have been named after a wrong god
Neither creator nor the demolisher you are,
You are the naughty and the nice, Krishna

You are tall, dark and attractive like him
Long and strong arms that could
Go around any girl for seven rounds

Same innocence on your face
With deep and lit eyes
And cute and naughty smile

Your eyes speak as if they never lie
Your smile lights up any dull face
Your lips are like the fresh petals of roses

When you look or talk
It’s no less than music from flute
Girls gather around you

They give you all they have
You are at liberty to choose
You make all of them happy

A kiss to one and a hug to another
Just hold hands and walk otherwise
You give what any girl wants and desires

You have some magic in you
That makes any and every girl want you
It’s like nature, and you obey its rules

Does that make you a bad boy, a flirt
No it does not, as you are capable of
Being with only that girl, who is with you

Will you ever belong to anybody?
Will you ever commit your heart to one?
Guess, you are never a one women man

How can you commit, when you have had so many
How can you be loyal, when the world is just beauty
How will you stop, when you are offered great pleasure

Who cares about loyalty and commitment
When you are so charming and amazing
All that one can get is a great deal

You never hurt anybody
Or deny and disappoint any pleasure
You are what is called ‘making everyone happy’

How right or how wrong is that
Is not my question to ask
No one seems to have acquired that right on you

You are a messenger from the Gods of Love
Or is it the Gods of Lust, Sex and Temptation
But you are not human, that’s all I know

You provide with what is natural
You make anybody’s world a better place
You spread love, peace and happiness

I do not wish to wish you anything
You have all that anybody asks for
All I say is, it’s lovely to see love around


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secret Temptation - Ad

“Sorry boys”, that’s what the ad says, but sorry ‘secret temptation’, your current ad on how to get a gift from a boy is lame.

I was upset watching this ad. Are we not in the century where women is independent, self sufficient, strong and level headed? Using a deodorant to attract a boy is different, and that we have seen in some ads, but to get gifts from him, how insensitive is that? Is this ad trying to portray that girls are cheap and do this to get gifts from boys? I think it is a very generalized and inappropriate remark on women.

Look at the ad once again. Starts with “how to get a gift from boys”. Wearing ‘secret temptation’ is the way to do. So, to get a gift, that too from somebody you work with, go to him and tell him that the gift was good. When he is puzzled about the complement, tell him it might be the other guy in the office. WOW!! How does people come up with such mean ideas? And again, it works, the guy gets a gift box. Superb!

Can’t we have some more sensible ways to advertise the product?

This, for me, is a very B‘Ad’!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Monday, July 9, 2012

One sided

One sides is when it is pure
Like river which doesn’t flow back
Like rain drops that only falls from the sky
Like sunlight that gets beamed out

Mountains don’t ask rivers to come back
They give all they can and stay happy
Clouds never ask for anything in return
Pour out all they have and fly away

Untold, not conveyed, neither from eyes, not heart
Just feel it inside, let it flow, glow and burn
Preserve to cherish and not exhibit to enjoy
Cover oneself with the beauty and addicting aroma

One sided is when it stays so pure
Stays in heart forever, stays for life
Like, making dream part of real life
Love is at its best, when it is one sided.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfume: The story of a........ (unusual boy)

This one, I watched it long time back.

While switching channels I caught up with this one, and it interested me, so watched it completely. Majority of my movie watching happens like this. I watch TV very much, but follow very few programs, and that leaves me with switching lot of channels and watching a lot of movies. Anyway, let’s leave that part there.

This orphan boy with amazing capacities to identify smells is the concept of the movie. He can smell things from distance and say what it is. I was thrilled by the concept itself. How can one think that people can have supernatural capacities in smelling and that to be taken as a concept for a movie. He grows up without exploring the world. When he does, the movie takes it turns.

I knew that all of us have our own smell. I figured it when I was in school when I was with my cousin. She is a very beautiful girl and she had/has an amazing smell. It’s not her soap, not perfume, or anything she uses. It’s her natural smell. This point was proven when I read a survey/study that said the more beautiful the girls are, better their perfume is. Some blindfolded test and sampling and everything was done to come to this result. I agree that we have our own natural perfume.

Coming back to the movie, when this grown up comes out of the factory he was working with and goes out to another city, he finds so many smells that he is thrilled. His life changes. He finds out how to make perfumes and whatever he does is a huge success. The smell we carry does have an influence on other people, and hence the perfumes he creates, became always wanted and they make this boy learn new tricks and new things about life. He goes out in search of perfumes and whatever he does to create the most perfect perfume is what is the concept of the movie.

Shot nicely, beautiful places, good acting and good hold on the script. I would love to watch this movie any number of times.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Store Ads


Kids with adult voices, witty with innocence makes this ad very likeable. Be it the laptop ad, or the one emphasizing on payment on delivery or the faultlessness of the products, these ads are just entertaining.
The laptop ad where 2 cute gals are in a parlor getting their face and hair done, talk about boyfriends and gifts. Expressions of these cuties are so good, that too when one asks the other “kahan hai smarty aaj kal?” is amazing. The voices used are very expressive and say it all.
The one emphasizing on “cash on delivery” where the elder generation dad is not ready to pay online and two guys talk about that, the pause and stare at the fellow female colleague, smartly done.
Latest one talking about, decide looking at a photo/image of the product and relating that to yesteryear marriages, is also very good. The concept, expressions, voices, costume, too good. I won’t change the channel when these ads are on.
Also the one that tells that faulty product will be replaced, using the wrong remote, so natural and happens with day to day life. So nicely done.

I think this has made an influence on Indian buyers already. I see a lot of my colleagues shopping online for books, shoes, clothes now. They select T-shirts, customize them and get it delivered to office and pay. Books are also bought online and it has cost advantage too. sometimes, if not for shopping, these websites are checked to know the new styles and brands and what suits the best with the budget. Sometimes, when these sites are browsed for checking and education purpose, some online shopping also happens.

Flipkart is not the only player in the market with a creative ad. There is zabong, myntra, so many coming up now. But I think flipkart has the first mover advantage and with its strong ad campaign with unique ads, it has grabbed the top of the mind recall space of large audience. Not just online shops, but also the ones where used items are sold, are taking a stronger portion of the shopping basket of an Indian. Looks like a picking up trend, not just with tech savvy guys, but also with normal people.

I welcome more such creative ads and enjoy watching them.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Shawshank Redemption

The only mistake I made was I read the story way before watching the movie. I heard about this movie from my colleagues who went gaga about the movie. It was on my watch wish list. ZStudio played this one few days ago.

Very simple and intelligent plot, story gets hold of you so very tightly that you would not even want to get up to pee. Every actor has underplayed their roles that you keep wanting for more. A banker gets two life sentences accused of two murders. He lives by himself in the jail in the beginning and makes his set of friends very slowly. Smart banker wins over a lot of people by helping them with a lot of things. He even wins the confidence of the warden. he understands the system there and plays with it for his benefit. Never lets out what his plan is. Does a very smart plan and escapes from the jail and had acquired enough money that he can make his future.

The movie talks about accepting changes, getting used as “institutionalized” and what it takes to make an exit from such system. All the characters are justified and are played well. Superb acting, location and hold on the complete film, that is takes you to the place where it happened and makes you part of the movie. I was completely engrossed watching this one.

I think it also carries some lessons too. It tells to take advantage of the situation, not hurry to bend it or change it, but make the best of what has happened and is irrevocable. It tells that if one is smart enough and capable then can do anything from any place or situation one is into. Am still stuck to the walls of the Shawshank prison.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu