Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hide and Seek

I miss you every minute
When you are away from me
I wish you come back and surprise me
Pour in your smile into my heart

I smile not only when I see you
But also when I think about you
I don’t know you but I like you already
How am I going to hide this from you

But I hide the desire to touch you
Touch you with my finger tips
To know how it feels to touch you
To feel you from my senses

I get lost and get found in your eyes
Those eyes which tell stories
I see so much truth and purity in them
I see no hint of desire in them

I like to turn that around and see desire
I like to see fire in your eyes
I wish I could change things at the pace I like
I wish you get a hint of what I am up to

I am not a bad girl, you are a good boy
All I want is some mixture of emotions
It’s fun to play hide and seek game
Only when one is seeking the other.


"Dedicated" ;) to my inspiration to this poem!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's Day

We are not like you
That’s why you like us
We are soft, smooth
We are gentle, delicate

We get rough and protecting
We get tough and straight
We show you the joys of life
We are the Mothers, we are the Daughters

We cry, we laugh
We say emotional things
We hurt and we take hurt
We are your siblings

We become yours, take your name
Give birth to your pride in pain
We make, sometimes break your world
We are your life partners

We are women, current in your river
We are power, smart and beautiful
We are what we are at our best
God’s one of the beautiful gifts to earth


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You live in limits
These many hours of work
This much spending on this thing
These many hours of sleep and these many kisses

I know no limits
I want to take the whole world in my arms
I want to buy the most precious pearls
I want the love to go on and on

You loved this passion in me
I loved how organized you were
You loved the madness and rush
I loved the peace and calm

We fell in love with each other
Now we attempt to live together
The passion you loved in me looks mess
The organized I loved in looks time table

We attempt to change each other like the other
And fail, fighting and falling apart
Our own qualities take priority over love
Leaving us hating the mess we create

It’s tough when two opposites meet
And tougher to get along with minimum fights
Toughest to keep increasing love for each other
And that’s how marriage stories grow.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Extra Marital Affair

You are still my desire
My teenage dream girl
My current wife and
Mom of my lovely kids
But I cannot resist
Dreaming about ‘her’

You are homely, perfect wife
I sill and will always love you
But I love ‘her’ too, the one I work with
She is an untamed animal
She is a mystery, an onion
Opens up layer by layer

Don’t you remember falling for him?
The perfect boss you had at work
Yours was a childlike crush,
But mine, a full time love
Till the time you know what I am doing,
You are not hurt, are you?

I am amazed, how I am convinced
That I am not cheating you by loving her
I love you both, she knows it
You are the one I have hidden it from
I am not afraid of you, but your tears
But the blame that you will put on me and hurt yourself

I don’t know how to explain this to you
I love you more but I love her too
It’s not something that you don’t have,
That I have found in her, that pulled me in,
But something you have, that she possesses
Attracts me to her more

To the outside world, I am a cheap cheater,
She is a cheap girl and you are cheated
But I know what I feel, how lovely it is
I find no harm in being loved or in loving someone
I know the never ending need to be loved
I am not sorry for pouring my love on to both of you