Saturday, March 11, 2017


“Build a wall”, he said
I tried
To save my heart from thunder and storms
To hide the source of light in my eyes from getting robbed
To revive the fountain of my feelings, not let it run dry
To lick my wounds in safety
I tried to build a wall

“Lock her up”, he said
I tried
Locking her up in a corner of my mind, my heart
So I know she is there
To figure
So I can know what is happening
To plan
“Keep your friends close, enemies closer”,

“Drain the swamp” he said
I tried
I brush, wash my mouth and scrub my tongue
I write to rid myself off the bitter taste
I pack suitcases of memories
Call them “luggage”
Try and throw at these dump yards:
Therapy, counselor, paint, clay, talk, hypnotize, dance
Drain the swamp in my mind


I don’t support the man who said these
I just picked the lines
Stitched it to my poem