Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Blame Me!

Don't blame me for what you are today!
Who asked you to trust me or love me?
I live my life as per my fancies
You can’t blame me for what you are today

I agree, I broke promises, aren’t they meant for?
I missed your birthdays, our dinner plans
Am I not supposed to have a life without you in it?
You can’t blame me for you being sad all the time

Yes, I broke your trust, went around with other guys
Made a fool of you and laughed when you cried
Am not your possession and you cannot rule my mind
You cannot blame me for you going into depression

Yes, I broke your heart, I never loved you, but played
Made you fall in love with me, made you my puppet
Where was your brain? Why you deal through heart?
You can’t blame me for ruining your life

You can only blame me for my madness and attitude
Blame me for all the wrong things I did to myself
Blame me for not understanding how precious true love is
Blame me for losing a real loving heart, like yours.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birth Festival (Huttu Habba)

It is not birthday, not just another ‘day’
It is called ‘birth festival’ in Kannada
It’s somebody’s day, their festival
People around them celebrate it
Celebrate the person that was born

It is celebrating that life, like they want
As everybody is unique and different
That day and time is special for that person
To cherish the presence of that person
And to thank god, for a unique gift

It is mine today, my birthday
I recall some memories of this special day
That I have spent with my parents, friends and family
All those years, that no longer comes back
The journey of my life, till date

I am happy today, celebrating my festival
This day is mine, and people remember to wish
They make me feel special today, I thank them
It is not another anniversary or festival
It is my birth festival, my happy day!