Friday, September 21, 2012


Am tying down those flying butterflies
They do not have any business anymore
I have to manage my life with
All the irrevocable damage they have made

Am cutting those wings of my dreams
Which have flown far far away
I need to bring them back and cage them
And feed only seeds of reality

Am hunting down those thoughts that ran
And clear the tracks of past and future
I need to keep my legs on the ground
And stand, before I plan to make any move

There have been multiple realities
All I have is what I had asked for
All I want to be, is also what I have asked for
Now it‘s my turn to turn the tables, to change life’s path

Am turning back to what I wanted to be
And make those dead dreams a reality
My today is what I have made, so is my tomorrow
Let past be the future and current be forgotten


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Never Again

Never again
I shall beg you for love
Beg you for care and support

Never again
I shall push myself
And get pushed back so hard

Never again
I shall punish myself
When you part away from me

Never again
I shall stalk you
When you purposefully avoid

Never again
I shall invite and offer
And get rejected so bad

Never again
I shall think or discuss
And discard the suggestions

Never again
I shall let my heart
Fall for what you say

Never again
I shall cry for you
Or show you how much I love you


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ghost from the Past

I forgive you, ghost from the past
Go, make your nest in my tomorrow
I will feed you with peace of mind
And let you create your world

My extensions are wide
My roots are deep and strong
You can bring storm and drought
Your efforts will never last long

I have the power of enlightenment
I have the power of love and care
You create and unveil the stories of past
Nothing but you will go bare

Heart that pumps blood to my veins
Is as strong as it was never before
You might bring up all my ruins
I won’t go back there, anymore

I forgive you my ghost from the past
But I will not forget your existence
This is the only way to make my future
I will never give up my perseverance


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tug of War

In this tug of war
Of egos
I get stubborn
And so are you

How dare you
Not speak to me
Till when
I should always understand?

You ignore me
So easily, daily
Tit for tat
I hurt you too

You don’t call
That’s your decision
I never text
We both keep silence

I don’t wanna give up
You have too much pride
In this tug of war of egos
Dies our orphaned love

I love you
Guess you love me too
The fight and the distance
Has ruined the sweetness of life

For the last time
You come back to me
And I’ll say sorry
Let’s not drag this anymore

I’ll say I love you
Take me in your arms
I’ll write you a poem
Let’s be in love again


Monday, September 3, 2012


Dying fire
No firewood in stock
Am afraid no means
To keep the warmth
I expect the fire to burn
And stay alive

In a hurricane
When the clouds and wind
Have taken over the sky
I expect the sun to shine
To light up the world
To kill the darkness

Music from broken strings
Sweetness from neem
Rainbow in drought
And love from desert
My expectations are always
Always, just wrong

Untamed mind
Runs around
Expecting the impossible
My hurt heart
Keeps crying
Failing to control mind