Thursday, March 28, 2013

You don’t know the angel in you

When I sleep, taking deep breath
I smell the awesomeness you have
Just when I am about to catch
You hop on to your horse and vanish

The good and bad always coexist
As is the beauty and the beast
You do good deeds and bad
Like one is happy and sad

Like the colors collide in a rainbow
Like expressions set our eyebrows
Like in and out our lungs go,
It’s that natural to live a mixed life

Sun rises and sets as earth turns
Mind and body has its poisons to churn
The equal and opposite reaction
Is not something said for the sake of fun

You don’t know the angel in you
You don’t know the demon in you
You use them like they are meant to be
But the angel in you always scores more


Thursday, March 14, 2013


Blood has boiled to a point
We deny identifying each other
All the efforts to make us joint
Has blasted back like a blunder

Fire in our breath
When thought of each other
We grind our teeth
When we see each other

Hate and grudge has sunk in
And made our hearts cold
With all the hurt within
Words are thunder and bold

Desire to tear open
Each other and our chest
Pour out the venom
And give anger some rest

Though the outcome
Is not something I can imagine
But the thought of peace
Makes it sound all worth it