Saturday, November 15, 2014

Between Lines

I can keep reading
Between the lines
Till lines are written

Move your hands
Write more lines
Leave me dots to connect

It’s like studying
Content, does not matter

All I need
Is you to keep writing
So I can keep reading

If you stop and let go
My foundation is shaken
My castles would fall down

I stack up
Books, sheets, pens
And refreshments

You are writing my life
I cease to live
When your pen stops


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The bitch inside, does not die

When it rains outside
The darkness inside emerges
Swallowing the goodness
Showing all wildness

When a thunderstorm passes by
We get enough air to breathe
That’s when our feet is on ground
That’s when we feel challenged

When it’s dark and cold outside
We use some drinks
Take cold from outside as ice
And dark as drink, sip by sip

When a volcano erupts
We warm our hands and legs
Put it out in one breath
Like squashing a cigarette

The bitch inside, does not die
It comes out when we decide
We are angels otherwise
The bitch inside, does not die


Pushed out of my dreamland

Pushed out of my dreamland
To reality
I realize

I am tiny little person
On the face of earth
I ponder about

Significance of my existence
Purpose of life
Importance of emotions
Source of peace

I realize that I am this human
With 2 legs and 2 hands
And I am like everybody
And everybody is like me

I am nothing different
But unique
I am one among the group
But doesn’t belong

Why I laugh or cry
Or happy or sad
Or disheartened
Or angry with what?

I persistently search
For the door back to my dreamland
To remain there, as I was
And not be part of reality.



It’s like walking on a mud road
Holding a stick in my hand
Along my foot steps
It draws a line, a mark - temporary

It’s like having a song in my ears
It’s humming to me, am humming it
Am swirled in its melody and lyrics
It’s stuck to my mood and mind

It’s like walking with the breeze
Letting it play with my hair
Feeling it all around me
Seeing it through my closed eyes

It’s a feeling inside
That gives me goose bumps
Not knowing what it exactly is
But knowing it is very dear to me

May be, I have fallen in love
Fallen in love with the new found self
May be, I have starting loving me more
A lot more than I ever did


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I dream

I dream of being that one special friend of yours
With whom you lay your heart open
To protect you, care for you and be with you
And build a bridge that is unshakeable

I dream of being your life partner
In joys and sorrows and much more
To love you eternally and be loved by you
To have my world weaved around you

I dream of being your wife, the better half
Share all that I have with you
Have my name carry yours with it
And be your eternal partner

I dream of being your soul mate
Be your heart beat, be your breath
Be the one that you can always trust
And be attached to you, forever

I dream of being soil for your seeds
To grow you, inside me,
To connect with you in such a way
That we can never be separated

I dream of you, about you, of being yours
I dream every day, night, minute, second
All I do is dream and dream about you
And await for you to ask for my hand.


Inspired and Dedicated