Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taking Charge

My own hands
Tied my own legs
In my own golden chain

Don’t know when,
Don’t know how,
Gold turned to iron

What I liked
What I wanted
Became a burden on me

What I thought
What I expected
Made me lose my glee

I felt owned
I felt drowned
I felt I was responsible

For my today
For my past
As it became disgustful

Neither in nor out
I carried my scout
To know and fix what’s wrong

Though tough
Though difficult
I know I have to be strong

Took an axe
In my shaking hands
To cut myself lose

Even if it hurts
Or cut my legs off
Am sure I won’t snooze


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Decided Destiny

Staring at a moonless sky
With thousands of stars twinkling
I think about the past and the future
And wonder what I have done!

Those stones, I thought diamonds
And diamonds, I threw away for pearls
Those decisions I made which went well
And which have now become mistakes

The hearts I broke and got mine broken
The hearts I am about to break
The decisions I am going to make
And the results it would lead to

The second chances in life and
The dead ends we come across
The smiles and tears that came together
And the hope that future holds for us

I tell myself, change is constant
Life needs balance, in all aspects
The pull and the push, that has been done
And what might change when breaks applied

I ponder and decide, I am right
And I am responsible for what I am
And will continue to be responsible enough
To manage my life, like it deserves