Thursday, September 30, 2010


You are a colorful castle
Mesmerizing from outside
Attractive and very strong
Every queen wants to own you
They feel safe being inside you

So many secrets hid behind those closed doors
Kings and queens get in to puzzles to find the key
You have mysteries surrounding you
They want to know you, want to open your doors
The keys are never found and seem lost in history

Some say you are a human, or a ghost
Locked yourself up in your own heart
Showing the old glorious face outside
But hiding the pain and suffering inside
You stink because of the air locked in you

You haven’t seen sunlight for years and decades
Lot of untold stories still whisper inside
People keep trying to break the curse and find the key
They keep falling in love with you
You remain, as you were, closed and strong


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creative People

We creative people
We are never satisfied
Always wanting to make things better

Every time we create a master piece
We run behind creating another one
For our thirst, there is no end

Every time we set a mile stone
We want to add another feather to our hat
Always wanting to be unique and special

Our desires in life also never end
Always want to have encouraging attention
Eager for greater recognitions

Sometimes so confused by the charms of life
Having no limits to love and cheer
Cross our boundaries and extend limits

Wandering for true love always
Seeking it from all incoming sources
Basing our inspirations on those love

We love a lot and we seek for lot more love
We hurt easily, but get hurt even more easily
Sensitive, cranky yet lovable, the ‘creative people’


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just recovered

Just recovered from the pain caused by you
It took hundreds’ of hours and liters of tears
Hours of consoling from friends
Looking from the other side of the river
Grass looks the same, realization

You don’t even have a hint of what I have been through
The same smile lingers on your face
You are always seen, without wanting to
I try and hold back to the state I have arrived
Your presence is disturbing

Guess! I should thank you, for
Making me realize how cruel this world is
Why not to trust people
How painful betrayal is
You taught me great lessons of life

I am trying to make myself happy
Bring the normalcy back to me
Collecting bits and pieces of myself, from around
Putting back myself, which you destroyed
Believing that the pain is making me stronger and wiser


Saturday, September 4, 2010


One gloomy afternoon

Just after food, nothing to do,

This question popped up in my mind

“With whom do I most laugh with?”

I make fun, of myself mostly

Pull leg and be a joke, make others laugh

Laugh with them for being a joke

I spread laughter, I laugh with myself

When am covered with sadness and pain

Lost my smile in the flood of tension, in drain

Is there anyone who gets bothered

Who would want to light up the smile and lighten my mood

I struggled a lot to list out few names

This just told me how single and lonely I am

Adding bit more sadness and pain to my bad mood

With a sigh and dull face I got back to life.