Monday, July 28, 2014


When you think of me, by mistake
When you remember my smile
When you write my name
Don’t write it next to yours
I don’t want the stain of my name to stain yours

Don’t tell your friends or family
That you are my friend
That we hangout sometimes
That we share a healthy chat
They will see stains on a blank white paper

No photos with me, never
Save my number with a different name
Any conversation we have had
Remains within 4 walls and dies
You cannot identify with me

You may know a little of what I am
You may know a little of what I was and could be
But they always believe
They know me through and through
Whatever you may claim, they will dismiss

No rain could wash off the stains my name has
No miracle could change their views about me
I have accepted and I can live with it
I have grown strong, I don’t care
But you, don’t become my weakness now


Sunday, July 20, 2014

From a Distance

Standing at a distance,
I see myself changing

Those miles I have walked
Carrying emotional baggage
Those ups and downs I have crossed
I feel strength in my legs

Every tear drop on the way
Has turned in to a diamond
Every sweat drop
Is now a goldmine

My baggage is getting reduced
I feel light, as I walk further
Though tomorrow looks scary
It looks beautiful and interesting too

Every smile I had on the way
Makes me smile, even today
It’s a never ending saree am draping
Changing the way I look, everyday

Only from a distance, I can see all these
What a beautiful journey life has been
I know am here to learn, to become more
I know, my path, is just and green


Thursday, July 17, 2014


On your words
Am making my world
Kindly be honest now
Tell me how many truths
And how many lies

I have closed my eyes
Said my goodbyes
Ready to step further
Am I coming closer?
Or going farther?

You have spun me around
I’ve gone up and down
Kaleidoscope in my eyes
I feel as if
I’ve just stepped out of a dream

You have ignited new feelings
Evoked new dreams
Shown me trailers of a world
That I had never seen
Am walking on clouds

Am weaving my dreams
To fit your size
Kindly be honest now
Should I continue?
Or should I cease?