Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Light will come

In the middle of the night
When it’s dark and sleepy
I sit up and make my living

No, it’s not the need
It’s not even the money
It’s only the desire

Satisfaction, silly thing
It’s a desert mirage
Almost there, but never

No enlightenment
Middle of the nights
Serve only the strivers

As every night passes
Am close to the end
But I remain there

The light I seek
Will come to me
When I am about to sleep


Sunday, March 8, 2015


His tongue is a sword, criminal mind
Words chosen wisely to play his games
He rules my world, the only area he is competent
Rest all, you will read below, he is impotent

Whatever he touches turns to dust
He always makes all wrong choices
He is the reverse of Midas touch
In these many years, he is financially impotent

He does not understand heart beats
Neither his heart, nor his mind works
Nothing that should, make an impact on him
Making it obvious, he is emotionally impotent

Sperm production has come to a halt
Smoke and booze has killed his capacity
His thing refuses to stand and do its work
I suffer, he is physically impotent

Intertwined and tangled are our lives
Troubles everywhere, no solutions
Stuck at a point, now I ponder
Has he turned me in to an incompetent?