Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Becoming Strangers

We were strangers,
Wish we had remained that way,
The curiosity about each other
The eagerness to know
The excitement of knowing
Spending time with each other
Every day, every minute
The awareness scale increased

Today, we are again strangers
But half known to each other
So much anger and pain
So much of miscommunication
So much misunderstanding
Every conversation is a fight
Jokes are taken seriously
And life has become a joke

What all broke in this transition
Countless promises, couple of hearts
Many smiles are dead, silence is silenced
So much told, so much to tell
Half complete sentences all around
The chirpiness has died, so has fun
Sharing has been forgotten long ago
It’s now a walk on the grave yard

Will we ever be friends again?
Will you ever crack those silly jokes?
Will I ever laugh at them like I did?
Can it become as fresh as it was?
Questions list keeps going
Answers are afraid to come closer,
As we have turned out to be now,
Walk away as strangers to each other.


Friday, October 26, 2012


If all those stones I threw had reached you
You would have melted like an ice cube
If you had heard those painful songs of my heart
You would have taken me in to your world
If you had held my hands at every emotional moment
Our hands would have become one and glued forever

You are god, omnipresent, the one who sees and knows it all
Am just a human, you have made me with lot of emotions
All I want is to be back in your arms, loved by you
And to know that you are with me forever, no matter what
But all I hear from you is silence, ignorance and avoidance
How should I survive?
When I don’t know
Whether the one I love, loves me back or not,

Give me the capacity to live, when you are silent
Give me the courage to take the pain when you ignore me
Make me stronger to face it when you avoid me
And have a smile on my face and light many more

I am in the quest of finding you and reaching you
And when I do, I have questions to ask
I want to carry a face, to which you would answer
And make you fall in love with me once and forever
Are you listening, my love?
Give me one sign that says you are still with me.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Just the way you asked me to…

Am with you just the way you asked me to
Staying by your decision, doing what you ask
Sharing only things that you’d want me to
Putting my joys and sorrows behind the mask

You know I too have a heart which feels
Hiding my emotions is a difficult task
I’ll always be in love with you but
I know, knowing you, anything is too much to ask

Knowing I don’t matter, no more,
I still take steps towards you
I run, I hide, and I let those minutes pass
When am about to say how much I love you

You are sugar coated poison
Sweet to start but death is the fact
I am glued to you, inseparable
What an irony, or is it gods act

I will always be with you
When you stretch your hand to reach
Those promises, feeling and emotions are true
But my limitations, am not going to breach


Monday, October 15, 2012

Steps to His House

Sometimes it rains unintentionally
Brings up the forgotten wind
Sometimes the Gods speak when they are kind
Sometimes what is lost is not to find
But to unwind, and join its own kind
Sometimes it’s just heart not mind

When he speaks, winds blow
Carrying the message nice and slow
Let those dried leaves and clouds follow
In the sunset, when it’s all mellow
It’s not for all, not for none, fellow
Only open ears comprehend and swallow

It gets inside like melting sugar
No efforts required, no trigger
Peace inside grows bigger and bigger
No matter what you are, rich or beggar
Light never discriminates, neither the giver
All that melts in makes one, only better

Easy to miss when his voice passes by
In so many voices that has spread around the sky
Let those rains and wind tell when it is close by
Let the stars twinkle when the sky is dry
Let the doors to heart be open, ears and eye
Let his voice be heard and message convey

When he has been heard, world turn around
Freedom from all those that is bound
Realization of life, what goes comes around
When in his shelter, no other sound is found
Let go those lies, false ego and pride
When surrendered, his voice will all be heard


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Happiness Matters

When you fight your battles
Struggle with wounds and scars
Make your own choices
And agree or disagree to live with them
Your happiness is what I desire

When you decide to stay on longer
Or move out and start afresh
Make mistakes but learn from it
Get hurt but raise like a phoenix
Your happiness counts the most

When I see you happily being in pain
Learning lessons from what is past
Move on with life and enjoy what you do
I forget your sufferings and cherish your success
Your happiness is what I seek

I am concerned about your sufferings
I cry when I see you go through pain
I wish to jump and help you out all the way
But I restrain to see how you cope up
Your happiness is what makes me sustain

I don’t want to help you and spoil the lesson
Don’t want to jump and snatch your comfort
Don’t want to handhold and imprison you
But let you go your way, with happiness
As your happiness is the only thing that matters


Monday, October 8, 2012

How Much Wait

How much can one wait
When seconds turn into days
Hours into centuries
When silence is what prevails

How much can one wait
When heart stops beating
When breathing is troubled
When only the waited is seen

How much can one wait
To get in touch with love
To hear from loved one
To hug a loving person

How much can one wait
And keep the expectation going
To get the bliss and joy
To make a milestone in life

How can one know when to stop waiting
To say no regrets what so ever
To leave the love one waited for
And to stay with the decision made

How much wait is enough
To decide to turn back and move
To give up on the hurting wait
To unintentionally hurt the other