Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spider Trap

Am not water flow from a tap
That you can make flow and stop
I am Ganges, perennial river, waterfall
What have you got? Come on, bring it all

Am not a puppet in your hands
That you can play or decide to throw
I have my emotions, smiles and wounds
Some vanish but some increase as I grow

Am not a phone you can put off or switch on
Either you are with me, or you are gone
Am scary and damaged, twisted and dark,
Being with me, has proven to be a treatment of shock

The blame is on me, I get it, I agree
But will I ever change? Not even a degree
Hell with my life, is just my attitude now
My past is hung up to my tomorrow and now

You have fallen in a bottomless well
I am sorry, but getting out will be hell
Out of sight goes out of my mind
Sulk away and may be on you I'll be kind