Friday, November 26, 2010

Husband Stealer

Beware! Keep your husband away from me
I am a husband stealer

I know to play all types of cards, love, sex, sweetness
I have the charm, mind and the body
I make myself every man’s desire
I have taken oath to destroy loyalty

I can make myself a perfect fit for anybody
Be it, looking for beauty, intelligence or love
I always come as a complete package
Leaving every man needing for more

Don’t worry if you have dumb, rock husbands
I steal only the lively emotional husbands
The one’s who can value love and beauty
The one’s who want to rule intelligence and charm

My heart doesn’t melt for those wives tears
I am a born witch, I am as man’s desire
If you want to have him all, you better give it all
World has no dearth for stealers like me


This poem is dedicated to "her", my source of inspiration! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It bothers you only till you care

All the negligence in her eyes
She was my best friend just a while ago
Her jealousy started pricking me from all sides
My broken heart was relieved in your arms
Her porcupine stares doesn’t hurt anymore

You broke my heart and walked off
My soft heart filled with love and care
Tears drained out all my emotions
Now you are an abuse in my dictionary
I don’t bother and it won’t hurt anymore

In the arms of beloved, parents or alcohol
Tears roll out draining the pain
A smile gets lighted after all the rain
Someone else fills the emptiness created by another
Stop breaking your mind, it doesn’t bother anymore


Love is in the Air

What is falling in love, or what is love? Every time I use this term “love” so many names flash in my mind. Your name is one among that. When a relationship is by birth, then there is no complication as we know what it is and where we are landing. But life is not limited to people we know when we are born. So many interesting people we find in the journey of life that, we get attached to them and relate to them. We try and define every relations we establish and to put people in categories. Friends, enemies, close friends, boy/girls friends, lovers and life partners. In a lot of these relations we have I see an overlap and very thin lines between each other.

I always have this question what is loving someone? Is it deciding to stay with them always, sharing life, sharing part of life, or just sitting far but praying for their happiness. I have felt these feelings for different people at different part of times in my life, but still am looking for answers. These poems are written as I seek answers and opinions from around people.

Every time I hear your name
My heart beats raises up
Every time I think of you
I lose sleep & just see your face

I see your face in every face I see
And think you are here in front of me
I want and wish to get such surprise from you
I don’t know what this feeling is called

I forget myself listening to love songs
Do I think of you and me in the lyrics?
I stop and think what was I doing…
Am lost always thinking about you

Am I in love, have failed finding an answer
Is it crush, infatuation or momentary madness?
Hey! Dear, once help me find out
Help me find myself in you


Every time I think of you
I lose myself in memories
Is this love is a big question
What is love is another one

I have failed to answer the questions
I fail to name the feeling I have for you
I don’t dare to seek an answer now
Let it live the way it is now

We both are tied to whatever we have
Our decisions have taken over our freedom
Those limitless feelings raise and fall
Leaving me day dreaming of perfect picture

I don’t want to give up on this
You are my only source of happiness
I latch on to whatever little I get from you
I preserve all of them as they deserve it

How do I put limit to my feelings & thoughts
When my heart beat is linked to yours
I leave the decision part to time and destiny
As my own heart is not in my hands


Please leave your opinion and help me! Thanks

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lost in Love

I kept on sinking in the quick sand of your love
You were standing safe, stared for long and walked away!
My eyes were locked in yours, hands held high for help
You didn’t bother to help me or get help

We had some great days when in love
So many conversations, poems, full moon night outs
I was smelling love, seeing love, living love,
The whole world used to envy us, for what we have

I went mad in your love, reached heights
You started taking me for granted, ignoring me
The more I tried tightening my grip on you
The more you tried to get freed from me

You succeeded, I failed, I lost myself in love
You left me alone, to suffer, in whatever I had done to myself
They found my body in the quick sand
Burnt it, they forgot me, you moved on

You can still find me in the tears of beloveds’
In the scream of people lost love, in treatment centers
You can still find me in the eyes of young couples
In the dusk, in air and in the destroyed dreams of ours