Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snatched Away

Locked up in a box
Kept in a safe
I believed I have you

Least did I know
That you could move
Space and distance
That fast

How many lives did you take
How many hearts did you break
When you walked
Bare foot,

Family and friends
Lovers and haters
Walking dead bodies
With lifeless lives

Even if it was known
The thread that binds
Has thinned down

What could anyone do
When the one snatching you
Was nothing but death

You went in seconds
Leaving those hearts
Empty forever


Thursday, September 18, 2014


When I look in the mirror
I see, I resemble my mom a little
Yes, I carry her legacy
Sometimes I see her softness in my eyes

My mom’s sisters peep in too
Her forehead, or her stern look
All that I carry is borrowed
What is it that is just mine?

I will have a piece of them in me
When they leave their bodies and move on
I hope I will see my mom in me
Hear her voice and feel her warmth

Is that all it is? One pillar to another?
Genes and qualities that percolate down?
Seems as if it’s a mission to carry
And pass what I have carried, further.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Others, needy, poor
Distressed, destroyed, dreaded
I say I helped
How can I be so proud?

When destiny rocked my boat
When I was unable to stay afloat
When I was sunk till my throat
Could I help myself?

If I were to be poor
If I were unhappy and sore
Then how would have I felt
When I was being helped

Am I superior because I can help?
Take credit, gloat, and yelp
Why not I think how foolish I am
To believe that I actually help

Isn’t it all just his master plan?
Give a lot to someone otherwise nothing at all
To teach us how to share and care
And see the world without vapor