Saturday, February 14, 2015

Two Cups of Joy

“Two Cups of Joy” it’s said
Two cups of poison too
Oozes milk out and
Poison in, sometimes

Genetics gift
Nature’s wrath
Sometimes a warning
Unknown path

Act, take a step
You matter
Make an informed choice
Part of the barter

Fight or flee
Surrender or kill
I did all I could
It was his will

My body
I will know
I will look after
I will show


Heartbreak Season

Am I shielded?
Or am I numb?

What are you seeking?
I infer, search signs
I dip my fingers in paint
Paintings happen

I walk same roads
Same lessons
Are you attempting my failure?
Hard nut

Breaking my hopes
By their tail
My middle finger talks
And I let it

Bleeding toe nails
Leave trail
Though I walk off
I remain