Friday, January 29, 2010

Chapathi Blunder

On 27th Jan 10, I reached home from office at around 9:30 PM. There was nothing available in the kitchen to eat, so as usual me n my hubby though of preparing something easily made. He was in no mood to eat rice, so the next best option available was chapathi.

He went out to get some additional decorative vegetables and leaves for the curry to be prepared.

I went inside the kitchen and for my surprise, the wheat atta box, which was expected to be full had very limited atta. I poured in the atta and felt that it may not be sufficient. So I opened a new bag of atta and poured it.

As the normal process goes, I added salt, oil and water and started mixing the atta. One unusual thing I noticed was that the atta mix was not of wheat color which it is supposed to be, but it had turned a little more white than it is supposed to be.

First I thought that instead of adding wheat atta, I have added rice flour from the new bag I opened. I tasted the atta and it tasted fine also it was getting mixed with the usual stickiness it should have. Fine then... I continued.

Mom called up in the meanwhile. So started speaking with her and told her about my doubt on the color of the mixed atta. Meanwhile my husband arrived and heard me telling this doubt to mom. He too surprised by the color of the atta asked me from which “dabba” I have taken the atta from.
I showed the box and it is the box contained rice flour.

We had the rice+wheat flour chapathi. It was eatable. I have 3 more of those chapathis still in the kitchen. You wanna come and taste?


Friday, January 22, 2010


He is my new addiction
My eyes keep looking for him
Smile just pass my face when I see him
I just go dumb for a second in front of him

He keeps running around in my thought process
I look for ways to start a talk
I know he is sweet, I know he is smart
I guess this is just a harmless, pass by, crush

I know he will never know or notice this
I guess he may just make fun of this feeling
Yeah! its worth being a joke after a while
I know I will move on without any pain

I get attacked by these crushes some times
They just make me happy, smile a little more
They fade away and I laugh at myself
My box of such unshared memories tickle me after long


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am haunted
Your memory drives me crazy
I hear your voice always in my ears
Your shadow follows me even in my dreams

I fail to recognize any face coz I see only you
I always smell your perfume
My hand is always warm as it was when you held them
I don't hear anything other than your name

Your dreamy eyes, your sexy voice
Your naughty smile and thoughts
Loving has become an addiction
Your absence haunts me always