Friday, December 18, 2009

Soul mate not Co-producer

This hunt is for a soul partner and not a co-producer

I like to spend my life with the one whom I love
I am not a man, I am not a woman,
I am a soul trapped inside a body

I like to live with the one whom I love
who cares for me, who's presence is irreplaceable
who wants to be with me as my companion
who is a my kind of person, a human being

I am not a king or a queen
I don't need a heir, I don't have a throne
it is my life, my small simple life
I want to live it my way, only my way

I think beyond the bodies we are attached, for my love
it is compatibility and attachment that matters
my love is beyond and above all social boundaries
I love my life and wants it to be fulfilling

you clean your eyes, I have the purest love
you clean your ears, I have the sweetest words,
you clean your heart, I have the best companion
you and me, we, lets look at this world differently.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I simply watch my fellow mates out race me
I feel a need for search... have I lost any thing?
By my intention or not
Now am part of this rat race...!!!

Do I really wanted to be this?
If I follow a great human being in every step
I will just be a bad remake, and not ME!
So where was I? And where is it going?

I still await for some magic,
I still believe in dreams coming true,
now! Alas! My dream box is empty and white
What's waiting for me in the doorstep?

Its hard to understand the amount of let go's
when you are making your self in to “your self”
so many colors around, so many sounds heard
am still a child in this world with barely open eyes

I am standing in a place where
every one else is moving a fast forward motion
thinking whether to be a part of them or not
thinking how not to be part of them and be it always!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Drama Days!!!

Am going to talk about my theatre and drama days. It’s a colorful feather on my hat.

I was in 6th standard when I did my first drama in school. That was the story of Ekalavya, where I played the role of Ekalavya. I was thrilled as my teachers preferred me over other students in my class and in 7th standard. I was the only one from 6th in the team, rest all were from 7th. I think that was the time I got attracted towards acting.

Then on, though I did not performed in any more dramas (coz none of my teachers were interested in making one) I always wanted to act.

I grew up hearing the stories about my Ajja (mom's dad) doing dramas. I always thought when I grow up and move to bigger cities, I will also be part of theatre.
I grew up, moved to a bigger city, but had no choice to expand my horizon, as I was staying in a jail like hostel. However, when you have the fire inside, it’s hard to hide it.

I was in second year of my graduation when my Kannada sir Mr. Mallesh Gowda decided to make a play for the college day celebrations. Me, and some of his students got selected for the play.

The drama was created based on a story we had about two Rushi's finding out the pain of a poor farmer. He created the script. We all read it good number of times and got ready to put the expressions on.

Practice went on really well and the performance too. So there I was with a new recognition in college.

I had more fun when we played the drama I wrote, for our third year inauguration. That was a comedy flick where an arrogant daughter (I played that role), humble father and sister are hosting a polite guy, his dominating mother and deaf father who have come for bride interview. I had a wardrobe makeover, image makeover after this play. It was a huge success and an unforgettable moment in my life.

For my final year college day celebration, I was part of another drama where I played the role of Yamaraj. It is the only element I remember about that drama.

I moved to a much bigger city, Bangalore. Within 4 months of entering this city, I was part of a theatre group called 'The First Act'. My dreams were true and I was up in the sky when I joined the group.

We organized a theatre festival which was a huge success. Our group also had a play but as I had exams I was not part of the play. I worked for the marketing team and it was fun too.

It’s been more than 2 years that I did all this. Those golden days are safe in my memory and now in my blog too. Another all time attraction in my life - theatre.