Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going "On Air with Kenny Jones"

Yes Pals!
I was on air with Kenny Jones on the official morning show of the planet earth on Radio Indigo 91.9.

I transport to office in BMTC every day. Between 8:30 to 11:00, any time, 45 mins to an hour am in a bus, standing, sitting, or hanging on the doors on the foot board with nothing to do. So my best companion on the go are Radio stations in Bangalore. As I am a Kannadiga, I have the liberty to switch to any radio station, but my dials normally stop at 91.9.
I like the show Kenny does. It’s fun, it’s entertaining and he plays good music to light up your day.
This morning, on 30th of June 2010, when Kenny and Sriram picked up the topic ‘will you finish your dates plate if they don’t’, I was listening in.

On Air:
I dialed in those magical numbers ‘25502919’ curious and waiting to see if I get through. This line is busy lot of times (of course! It has to be). Oh! Its ringing… will they pick up? Oh! Yes! They picked it up and I hear Kenny’s attractive voice.
Damn! I am not prepared at all… I want to say, how much I like the show, they rock, I like Sriram’s wit, Kenny’s voice… no… none of this came out. I was excited and went clueless as to what to say! Bad!

So what did I actually say? I said a little hello… and went on to my take on the topic. Yes! I do finish my dates plate, as he has a habit of wasting food which I don’t like… so on and so forth. It was a nice little chat but it did lit up my day.

After effects:
Yes! I am having a hangover of the call, having a smile on my face. Had my dear friend Sam listen to this. Hey Kenny! that’s a nice pattern, record the conversation and play it a little late. I heard it and my dear friend Sam heard it too. We spoke later and had a blast. Am still smiling writing this post.

To Kenny:
I have a take on lot of things you guys discuss! I think majority of the listeners do have. I don’t like texting so I don’t do that. I tried calling up few times but couldn't’t go through. This special day, I am happy speaking to you. I liked that burp thing you added later. I would have done that if you had asked me to do so… lol. Thanks for having me on Air.

Off Air:
Music makes my day! This day, I have a very busy schedule post lunch at the office, am not sure if the smile that Kenny lit up will remain till the end. But I am sure it’s gonna light up again as am meeting a very special person and a bunch of loved ones in the late evening.
I just came up with a thought to keep oneself happy throughout the day. “give yourself a sweet something, a good news every morning, and light up that smile, and try and hold it the whole day” how does that sound now? I owe you Kenny!

Loving the day!


Friday, June 25, 2010

That's where I Belong

My branches are reaching the clouds
My laughter reaches miles
I have grown above my imagination
I have reached the stars and have come back

Words I speak are strong and effective
The way I speak and appear is influencing
I am been taken as a sample, role model
I set rules, I set standards

Gravitation has failed in pulling me down
Blowing wind cannot shake a hair of mine
I am resistant, I am strong, on my foot all the time
Sun, moon and the universe listens to me

I have the power, I have the last say,
I have the ability to turn things upside down
I am what I define, no boundaries
I am what I am capable of, no limitations

I am all this coz I have my roots strong
My roots go back to my parents and my native
That humble couple and the small village Gonibeedu
That’s where I belong, that’s where I come from
Only they have the power to keep me going or break me down.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Burnt Lips

Hello All, This thought struck me when I was thinking of a scenario where if someone by mistake keeps a cig other way around while smoking, how would it be to have their lips burnt.

Wrote one paragraph and it lead me further to complete the poem. Later the same first paragraph drove me to think in another front and made me write another poem, and yet another. Having the first paragraph same, 3 poems are written now.

Please go through all of them and tell me which one you like the most. Thank you. 

Burnt Lips – 1

My lips are burnt
Soft pink lips are now turned black, rough
Did not have a clue till I felt the fire
When my lips were locked with yours

Every time you touch, I explode
Rush in blood veins, I turn red
Every time you stare, I dissolve
I dissolve in to lava from iron

This is no small game, it’s a fight
Fight between you and me
I put everything I have for the fight
Every space we find becomes our battle field

No winning or losing here
It’s a life or death combat
All feelings turned in to weapons
And we battle till we die.

Burnt Lips – 2

My lips are burnt
Soft pink lips are now turned black, rough
Did not have a clue till I felt the fire
When my lips were locked with yours

I thought that was love
I carried the burning marks with pride
I lost my laugh for weeks in pain
Burning takes a minute, healing a month

You never kissed me again
Thought you were concerned
My lips just had few scars left
I was ready to get burnt again

This time your kiss, just didn’t burn me
Your lips were filled with poison
Now on my last breath I realize
It was hate not love you had.

Burnt Lips – 3

My lips are burnt
Soft pink lips are now turned black, rough
Did not have a clue till I felt the fire
When my lips were locked with yours

I knew it is passion which became fire
I was overwhelmed for the love you have
Your eyes were closed tight
I believed you have my image behind the closed eyes

You started getting rough day by day
I like a flower, was blossomed by your love
Loved you from the bottom of my heart
Took all pain you gave with smile

You whispered ‘her’ name when lost control
Your eyes were shut the way it used to be
I now know, why so passion and pain
You always had ‘her’ behind those closed eyes

My heart is now a broken mirror
I see your and ‘her’ face in every single piece
I cry blood in pain and devastation
Those scars keep reminding me of the betrayal


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You knocked the door
Just at the moment I succeeded ignoring you
You were in front of me, with the same stupid smile
Favorite blue shirt and with those red rose bouquet
Wasting all my effort of knocking you off my system

You are smart, charming and lovable
I can’t stop myself from falling for you
You are charismatic and flirt
I can’t take the attraction you drive

I doubt all the promises you make
As you rarely implement any and break many
But I can’t resist agreeing to a promise when you make
You show such innocence and confidence

I hate majority of your qualities
Manipulation, flirtation and flaunting
Still I am attracted and attached
I cannot stop myself from loving you

I opened the door this time as well, as usual
You make new promises and shower new hopes
Happiness and joy of the moment is immeasurable
I cherish and get prepared for next fall out


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slave of Voice

I am a slave of his voice
While walking on the broken dreams of mine
I forget all the pain and pricking
As I get mesmerized by his voice

I forget that my dreams were broken by his command
I forget the prison I am into
I get carried away whenever he talks
I obey everything he says even if it’s destroying me

His voice is loud, attractive and sexy
His talk sounds like orders and commands with sweeteners
When I hear him, I hear nothing else
My identity is lost when am listening to him

His voice has become the soul of my life
I crave to listen to him every single minute of my life
I am enslaved by the charm of his voice
I am tuned, ruined and made poppet by his voice