Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Every time you abandon me
I ask this to myself
What did I do wrong?

My pillows get wet with tears
My heart aches with pain
With the question in my head

All of a sudden you vanish
And all of a sudden you come back
I keep wondering what I did

Is that only anger you have?
Or you feel love for me too
I never have understood

If you don’t need me
Say it, I might get over with it
I may not need you too

If my life or death does not matter
Then am dead to you already
Stop making me die everyday

Have I done anything wrong?
And why has anything hurt you
The puzzles I never understand

You keep punishing me
With pain, deserting and silence
I keep asking what I did wrong.


Monday, December 10, 2012


So much noise
Is it in my head?
I hear conversations
Am I talking to myself?

Waves keep forming
Like thoughts in my head
Everything is scattered
Like the moonless night

Some are singing, far away
Some songs are written here
Should I laugh or should I cry
My disturbed mine does not try

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Has nothing changed or everything has?
Different tunes that flow from all over
Make me think I am lost in a different world

Is this high inside my mind
Because of what I been through
Or what I have seen and become
I need to make peace with myself

The melodies of songs heard
Fades away as time passes
Till I encounter such bliss again
The dead that is alive, lives

Waves and thoughts form and fade
Change is the only constant
I keep wondering and discovering
New sides of mine everyday


Monday, November 19, 2012

I heard him speak to my soul

When the unheard stories were told
When the decisions were wrong and bold
When my heart froze and body went cold
I heard him speak to my soul

A soft whisper in my ears when am asleep
To make the decision, to add faith to the leap
What has been given, to understand it and keep
I heard him speak to my soul

Nurture or murder is not in my hands but his
Preserve or destroy were games of his bliss
I’d close my eyes in faith and let all this miss
As I heard him speak to my soul

Lift from where I am to where I want to be
Journey from cuffs and ropes to the free
The power and pleasure of enlightenment and glee
As I heard him speak to my soul

It was when I was on the wrong path
When I could not tell between dreams and fact
When I thought all I had was gone and lost
Then I heard him speak to my soul


Thursday, November 15, 2012

I’ll never let you miss me

Like air, like light, like the stars
Like the universe, like mars
In Bangalore, like bars
I’ll always be around
I’ll never let you miss me

Bore you with jokes
Remind you with pokes
Do stupid mocks
But I’ll never let you miss me

Even if you think am mad
When either or both are sad
Be it good or be it bad
I’ll never let you miss me

When you are angry and fight
When you are drunk, fully tight
When your days are dark or bright
I’ll never let you miss me

Even if you go away and stay
You want to forget me and stray
Even when am buried in a grave
I’ll never let you miss me

I love you now and forever
I’ll forget or ignore never
I give you my word, clear,
I’ll always be around
I’ll never let you miss me


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Making up with Past!

How do you make it up to a heart you broke?
How do you make him speak?
How do you accept all that is done?
And believe the mistakes are none?

Life is never a walk on the cake
Every emotion is at some stake
When you think you have forgotten
A memory comes back hurt and rotten

Yesterday never comes back
Dead days never talk
All that has passed is now to be used to
Not east getting out of what one is gotten into

If only it does not hurt anymore,
Being there for each other matters much more
If only what is done can be put behind
Then some good memories retain in our hand


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Becoming Strangers

We were strangers,
Wish we had remained that way,
The curiosity about each other
The eagerness to know
The excitement of knowing
Spending time with each other
Every day, every minute
The awareness scale increased

Today, we are again strangers
But half known to each other
So much anger and pain
So much of miscommunication
So much misunderstanding
Every conversation is a fight
Jokes are taken seriously
And life has become a joke

What all broke in this transition
Countless promises, couple of hearts
Many smiles are dead, silence is silenced
So much told, so much to tell
Half complete sentences all around
The chirpiness has died, so has fun
Sharing has been forgotten long ago
It’s now a walk on the grave yard

Will we ever be friends again?
Will you ever crack those silly jokes?
Will I ever laugh at them like I did?
Can it become as fresh as it was?
Questions list keeps going
Answers are afraid to come closer,
As we have turned out to be now,
Walk away as strangers to each other.


Friday, October 26, 2012


If all those stones I threw had reached you
You would have melted like an ice cube
If you had heard those painful songs of my heart
You would have taken me in to your world
If you had held my hands at every emotional moment
Our hands would have become one and glued forever

You are god, omnipresent, the one who sees and knows it all
Am just a human, you have made me with lot of emotions
All I want is to be back in your arms, loved by you
And to know that you are with me forever, no matter what
But all I hear from you is silence, ignorance and avoidance
How should I survive?
When I don’t know
Whether the one I love, loves me back or not,

Give me the capacity to live, when you are silent
Give me the courage to take the pain when you ignore me
Make me stronger to face it when you avoid me
And have a smile on my face and light many more

I am in the quest of finding you and reaching you
And when I do, I have questions to ask
I want to carry a face, to which you would answer
And make you fall in love with me once and forever
Are you listening, my love?
Give me one sign that says you are still with me.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Just the way you asked me to…

Am with you just the way you asked me to
Staying by your decision, doing what you ask
Sharing only things that you’d want me to
Putting my joys and sorrows behind the mask

You know I too have a heart which feels
Hiding my emotions is a difficult task
I’ll always be in love with you but
I know, knowing you, anything is too much to ask

Knowing I don’t matter, no more,
I still take steps towards you
I run, I hide, and I let those minutes pass
When am about to say how much I love you

You are sugar coated poison
Sweet to start but death is the fact
I am glued to you, inseparable
What an irony, or is it gods act

I will always be with you
When you stretch your hand to reach
Those promises, feeling and emotions are true
But my limitations, am not going to breach


Monday, October 15, 2012

Steps to His House

Sometimes it rains unintentionally
Brings up the forgotten wind
Sometimes the Gods speak when they are kind
Sometimes what is lost is not to find
But to unwind, and join its own kind
Sometimes it’s just heart not mind

When he speaks, winds blow
Carrying the message nice and slow
Let those dried leaves and clouds follow
In the sunset, when it’s all mellow
It’s not for all, not for none, fellow
Only open ears comprehend and swallow

It gets inside like melting sugar
No efforts required, no trigger
Peace inside grows bigger and bigger
No matter what you are, rich or beggar
Light never discriminates, neither the giver
All that melts in makes one, only better

Easy to miss when his voice passes by
In so many voices that has spread around the sky
Let those rains and wind tell when it is close by
Let the stars twinkle when the sky is dry
Let the doors to heart be open, ears and eye
Let his voice be heard and message convey

When he has been heard, world turn around
Freedom from all those that is bound
Realization of life, what goes comes around
When in his shelter, no other sound is found
Let go those lies, false ego and pride
When surrendered, his voice will all be heard


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Happiness Matters

When you fight your battles
Struggle with wounds and scars
Make your own choices
And agree or disagree to live with them
Your happiness is what I desire

When you decide to stay on longer
Or move out and start afresh
Make mistakes but learn from it
Get hurt but raise like a phoenix
Your happiness counts the most

When I see you happily being in pain
Learning lessons from what is past
Move on with life and enjoy what you do
I forget your sufferings and cherish your success
Your happiness is what I seek

I am concerned about your sufferings
I cry when I see you go through pain
I wish to jump and help you out all the way
But I restrain to see how you cope up
Your happiness is what makes me sustain

I don’t want to help you and spoil the lesson
Don’t want to jump and snatch your comfort
Don’t want to handhold and imprison you
But let you go your way, with happiness
As your happiness is the only thing that matters


Monday, October 8, 2012

How Much Wait

How much can one wait
When seconds turn into days
Hours into centuries
When silence is what prevails

How much can one wait
When heart stops beating
When breathing is troubled
When only the waited is seen

How much can one wait
To get in touch with love
To hear from loved one
To hug a loving person

How much can one wait
And keep the expectation going
To get the bliss and joy
To make a milestone in life

How can one know when to stop waiting
To say no regrets what so ever
To leave the love one waited for
And to stay with the decision made

How much wait is enough
To decide to turn back and move
To give up on the hurting wait
To unintentionally hurt the other


Friday, September 21, 2012


Am tying down those flying butterflies
They do not have any business anymore
I have to manage my life with
All the irrevocable damage they have made

Am cutting those wings of my dreams
Which have flown far far away
I need to bring them back and cage them
And feed only seeds of reality

Am hunting down those thoughts that ran
And clear the tracks of past and future
I need to keep my legs on the ground
And stand, before I plan to make any move

There have been multiple realities
All I have is what I had asked for
All I want to be, is also what I have asked for
Now it‘s my turn to turn the tables, to change life’s path

Am turning back to what I wanted to be
And make those dead dreams a reality
My today is what I have made, so is my tomorrow
Let past be the future and current be forgotten


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Never Again

Never again
I shall beg you for love
Beg you for care and support

Never again
I shall push myself
And get pushed back so hard

Never again
I shall punish myself
When you part away from me

Never again
I shall stalk you
When you purposefully avoid

Never again
I shall invite and offer
And get rejected so bad

Never again
I shall think or discuss
And discard the suggestions

Never again
I shall let my heart
Fall for what you say

Never again
I shall cry for you
Or show you how much I love you


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ghost from the Past

I forgive you, ghost from the past
Go, make your nest in my tomorrow
I will feed you with peace of mind
And let you create your world

My extensions are wide
My roots are deep and strong
You can bring storm and drought
Your efforts will never last long

I have the power of enlightenment
I have the power of love and care
You create and unveil the stories of past
Nothing but you will go bare

Heart that pumps blood to my veins
Is as strong as it was never before
You might bring up all my ruins
I won’t go back there, anymore

I forgive you my ghost from the past
But I will not forget your existence
This is the only way to make my future
I will never give up my perseverance


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tug of War

In this tug of war
Of egos
I get stubborn
And so are you

How dare you
Not speak to me
Till when
I should always understand?

You ignore me
So easily, daily
Tit for tat
I hurt you too

You don’t call
That’s your decision
I never text
We both keep silence

I don’t wanna give up
You have too much pride
In this tug of war of egos
Dies our orphaned love

I love you
Guess you love me too
The fight and the distance
Has ruined the sweetness of life

For the last time
You come back to me
And I’ll say sorry
Let’s not drag this anymore

I’ll say I love you
Take me in your arms
I’ll write you a poem
Let’s be in love again


Monday, September 3, 2012


Dying fire
No firewood in stock
Am afraid no means
To keep the warmth
I expect the fire to burn
And stay alive

In a hurricane
When the clouds and wind
Have taken over the sky
I expect the sun to shine
To light up the world
To kill the darkness

Music from broken strings
Sweetness from neem
Rainbow in drought
And love from desert
My expectations are always
Always, just wrong

Untamed mind
Runs around
Expecting the impossible
My hurt heart
Keeps crying
Failing to control mind


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Strange was the path
Strange was my decision
It looked like a dream
Now it is reality

Was it meant to be
Different from every angle
Different from every distance
Not as it seemed in dream

Decided to go along
I changed my world
Chased out so many
Welcomed so little

Now you arrive
Changing my world
What I have become

Why cannot I be
What I decide to be
Why should I be influenced
Why is it not simple

My path
Is not mine anymore
Its not the way I wanted
Its not the best


Friday, August 3, 2012


Afraid? NO MORE
I know I have to stand on my own and fight
I now fairytales are just amusing stories
I know now, nothing else should matter

Tears? NO MORE
No one wants a share in my sadness
No one wants to know what I am going through
No one cares about my happiness

Being Hurt? NO MORE
No one wants to listen to me
No one is bothered about my silence
No one cares if am alive or dead

Botheration? NO MORE
Only when I am smiling, I am approached
Only when I show off, I am considered
Only when I pretend, I am admired

All I care is about myself now
I am the only person in my world
I decide my life, and my terms

Emotions? NO MORE
Take a back seat, go hide your self
You are not required any more
Brain rules my world now


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had a beautiful flower with me
I grew it with my own effort
It was beautiful and attractive
Colors never fade, smell never dies

I wanted you to have it
I offered it to you
I had no other intention but,
To give you what I possessed

You were attracted so you came close
You liked it and wanted to have it
You hesitated and walked away
Doubting, I have hidden intentions

All I wanted was you to have it
I want nothing in return, ever,
I get happiness in giving it to you
If you get happy accepting it from me.


Friday, July 27, 2012


This one says, he is 60 , she is 18, some love stories are never meant to be understood. May I make a claim to have understood the love story?

This is another unusual types of movies in bollywood. Starring Mr. Big B, Revathi and Jiah khan. It is shot in a very beautiful location and made me fall in love with the place where it is shot.

Am not going to write the plot, as that you can get on google any minute. So…, Jia seems to have had a rough childhood missing her dad. Her mom is a divorcee and is now moved to living with another man. Jia hates her step dad. She is a very free spirited girl… like an 18 year old should be. Careless, free, fun, witty, attractive and sexy. She has interest in writing and has a dairy where she writes her poems and hides it from the world.

Vijay, is a 50+ish old photographer. He owns a tea estate and his house is in the midst of the estate. Amazing natural beauty. He treks around capturing the beauty of nature in his camera. Happily (??) married for 27 years. His daughters friend is Jia.

Jia comes to Vijya’s place for holidays. She has some strange kind of interest in Vijay. Very easily some girls show interest in elder men and change their world bit by bit till it actually turns upside down. Here too it happens that way. This starts with Vijay capturing the beauty of Jia in his camera, while she was playing with water. Jia looks really amazing, attractive and sexy to his eyes. She notices him clicking her picture and forces him to show them to her. They get close with each other slowly and steadily.

I think because she missed the love of her father, she tried to get close with Vijay to get that love she missed. But when you are beautiful and sexy and attractive, and you are asking for love, coziness and comfort from a man, it can easily be mistaken. Vijay has some strange attraction towards this young girl. The story moves forward, keeping one engaged. Anybody can guess the plot looking at the title and poster. It is that predictable, but the story line is very tight and keeps the audience involved.

There is an element of lustful love that appears between these two. They do pillow fight, share poetry, develop images together, they get cozy but the feelings attached keep changing and growing. They say, love cannot be hided, no matter what. That’s what happens here too. After this, there is a lot of drama.

What made me like this movie is the concept that an 18 year old girl, who tries to find father’s love in a 50+ old man and falls in love with him. As she is free and naughty, she does not hesitate to get intimate with him and kiss him. She does not hesitate to show him how young and beautiful she is. Show him how sexy she is. Also, how easily the old man’s life is turned around, learning an 18 year old girl has fallen for him. He dresses up better, keeps up a happy mood, he cherishes every second he spends with her.

What happens in the end is a tragedy. I cannot think of a better ending though. She comes like tsunami in his life and goes off like a tornado. This movie is WOW!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Saturday, July 21, 2012


You tell me you are there when I need you
How would I know that you are what I need?
I love you so much, that I need you always

How do I know when all should I reach you?
Emotional, mental, physical, financial, what crisis?
Are you the number I should put on emergency contact?

What would you do when I reach you in need?
Listen to all my sad stories and console me?
Provide solutions or be the solution to my problems?

How will you relate to me or to my problems
When you are not in touch and are long gone
When I reach you only when am in need and not otherwise

What if, you are not able to be there when I need you?
How would I take that additional disappointment?
Complain about your non-availability with you??!!

Would I need you when am happy or is it only for pain?
How many times would you wipe off my tears with patience?
Won’t you drift away, bored of being my punching bag?

You tell me you are there when I need you
Will you really be there? How can I believe you?
Being just a phone call away is not being there always…


Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Krishna

You have been named after a wrong god
Neither creator nor the demolisher you are,
You are the naughty and the nice, Krishna

You are tall, dark and attractive like him
Long and strong arms that could
Go around any girl for seven rounds

Same innocence on your face
With deep and lit eyes
And cute and naughty smile

Your eyes speak as if they never lie
Your smile lights up any dull face
Your lips are like the fresh petals of roses

When you look or talk
It’s no less than music from flute
Girls gather around you

They give you all they have
You are at liberty to choose
You make all of them happy

A kiss to one and a hug to another
Just hold hands and walk otherwise
You give what any girl wants and desires

You have some magic in you
That makes any and every girl want you
It’s like nature, and you obey its rules

Does that make you a bad boy, a flirt
No it does not, as you are capable of
Being with only that girl, who is with you

Will you ever belong to anybody?
Will you ever commit your heart to one?
Guess, you are never a one women man

How can you commit, when you have had so many
How can you be loyal, when the world is just beauty
How will you stop, when you are offered great pleasure

Who cares about loyalty and commitment
When you are so charming and amazing
All that one can get is a great deal

You never hurt anybody
Or deny and disappoint any pleasure
You are what is called ‘making everyone happy’

How right or how wrong is that
Is not my question to ask
No one seems to have acquired that right on you

You are a messenger from the Gods of Love
Or is it the Gods of Lust, Sex and Temptation
But you are not human, that’s all I know

You provide with what is natural
You make anybody’s world a better place
You spread love, peace and happiness

I do not wish to wish you anything
You have all that anybody asks for
All I say is, it’s lovely to see love around


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secret Temptation - Ad

“Sorry boys”, that’s what the ad says, but sorry ‘secret temptation’, your current ad on how to get a gift from a boy is lame.

I was upset watching this ad. Are we not in the century where women is independent, self sufficient, strong and level headed? Using a deodorant to attract a boy is different, and that we have seen in some ads, but to get gifts from him, how insensitive is that? Is this ad trying to portray that girls are cheap and do this to get gifts from boys? I think it is a very generalized and inappropriate remark on women.

Look at the ad once again. Starts with “how to get a gift from boys”. Wearing ‘secret temptation’ is the way to do. So, to get a gift, that too from somebody you work with, go to him and tell him that the gift was good. When he is puzzled about the complement, tell him it might be the other guy in the office. WOW!! How does people come up with such mean ideas? And again, it works, the guy gets a gift box. Superb!

Can’t we have some more sensible ways to advertise the product?

This, for me, is a very B‘Ad’!

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Monday, July 9, 2012

One sided

One sides is when it is pure
Like river which doesn’t flow back
Like rain drops that only falls from the sky
Like sunlight that gets beamed out

Mountains don’t ask rivers to come back
They give all they can and stay happy
Clouds never ask for anything in return
Pour out all they have and fly away

Untold, not conveyed, neither from eyes, not heart
Just feel it inside, let it flow, glow and burn
Preserve to cherish and not exhibit to enjoy
Cover oneself with the beauty and addicting aroma

One sided is when it stays so pure
Stays in heart forever, stays for life
Like, making dream part of real life
Love is at its best, when it is one sided.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfume: The story of a........ (unusual boy)

This one, I watched it long time back.

While switching channels I caught up with this one, and it interested me, so watched it completely. Majority of my movie watching happens like this. I watch TV very much, but follow very few programs, and that leaves me with switching lot of channels and watching a lot of movies. Anyway, let’s leave that part there.

This orphan boy with amazing capacities to identify smells is the concept of the movie. He can smell things from distance and say what it is. I was thrilled by the concept itself. How can one think that people can have supernatural capacities in smelling and that to be taken as a concept for a movie. He grows up without exploring the world. When he does, the movie takes it turns.

I knew that all of us have our own smell. I figured it when I was in school when I was with my cousin. She is a very beautiful girl and she had/has an amazing smell. It’s not her soap, not perfume, or anything she uses. It’s her natural smell. This point was proven when I read a survey/study that said the more beautiful the girls are, better their perfume is. Some blindfolded test and sampling and everything was done to come to this result. I agree that we have our own natural perfume.

Coming back to the movie, when this grown up comes out of the factory he was working with and goes out to another city, he finds so many smells that he is thrilled. His life changes. He finds out how to make perfumes and whatever he does is a huge success. The smell we carry does have an influence on other people, and hence the perfumes he creates, became always wanted and they make this boy learn new tricks and new things about life. He goes out in search of perfumes and whatever he does to create the most perfect perfume is what is the concept of the movie.

Shot nicely, beautiful places, good acting and good hold on the script. I would love to watch this movie any number of times.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Store Ads


Kids with adult voices, witty with innocence makes this ad very likeable. Be it the laptop ad, or the one emphasizing on payment on delivery or the faultlessness of the products, these ads are just entertaining.
The laptop ad where 2 cute gals are in a parlor getting their face and hair done, talk about boyfriends and gifts. Expressions of these cuties are so good, that too when one asks the other “kahan hai smarty aaj kal?” is amazing. The voices used are very expressive and say it all.
The one emphasizing on “cash on delivery” where the elder generation dad is not ready to pay online and two guys talk about that, the pause and stare at the fellow female colleague, smartly done.
Latest one talking about, decide looking at a photo/image of the product and relating that to yesteryear marriages, is also very good. The concept, expressions, voices, costume, too good. I won’t change the channel when these ads are on.
Also the one that tells that faulty product will be replaced, using the wrong remote, so natural and happens with day to day life. So nicely done.

I think this has made an influence on Indian buyers already. I see a lot of my colleagues shopping online for books, shoes, clothes now. They select T-shirts, customize them and get it delivered to office and pay. Books are also bought online and it has cost advantage too. sometimes, if not for shopping, these websites are checked to know the new styles and brands and what suits the best with the budget. Sometimes, when these sites are browsed for checking and education purpose, some online shopping also happens.

Flipkart is not the only player in the market with a creative ad. There is zabong, myntra, so many coming up now. But I think flipkart has the first mover advantage and with its strong ad campaign with unique ads, it has grabbed the top of the mind recall space of large audience. Not just online shops, but also the ones where used items are sold, are taking a stronger portion of the shopping basket of an Indian. Looks like a picking up trend, not just with tech savvy guys, but also with normal people.

I welcome more such creative ads and enjoy watching them.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Shawshank Redemption

The only mistake I made was I read the story way before watching the movie. I heard about this movie from my colleagues who went gaga about the movie. It was on my watch wish list. ZStudio played this one few days ago.

Very simple and intelligent plot, story gets hold of you so very tightly that you would not even want to get up to pee. Every actor has underplayed their roles that you keep wanting for more. A banker gets two life sentences accused of two murders. He lives by himself in the jail in the beginning and makes his set of friends very slowly. Smart banker wins over a lot of people by helping them with a lot of things. He even wins the confidence of the warden. he understands the system there and plays with it for his benefit. Never lets out what his plan is. Does a very smart plan and escapes from the jail and had acquired enough money that he can make his future.

The movie talks about accepting changes, getting used as “institutionalized” and what it takes to make an exit from such system. All the characters are justified and are played well. Superb acting, location and hold on the complete film, that is takes you to the place where it happened and makes you part of the movie. I was completely engrossed watching this one.

I think it also carries some lessons too. It tells to take advantage of the situation, not hurry to bend it or change it, but make the best of what has happened and is irrevocable. It tells that if one is smart enough and capable then can do anything from any place or situation one is into. Am still stuck to the walls of the Shawshank prison.

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


All of a sudden, it boils down to the point
Leads me to realization of the reality
We just have one life to live, the one we remember
Making it happy & worth living is all that matters

So much luggage on shoulders, from past to future
Junk and burden is too much, valuables is too less
So many people, but only so less of them matter
We make life tangled, twisted and complicated

Love the ones you fall for, expressing it may not matter
Let go, stop being worried, control rarely works
Smile, cherish, and be happy with what you have
Make small things matter, make each moment count

Though we know all of this in the back of our heads
Sometimes, someone has to remind it all over again
Tell something to strike these thoughts once again
And to make us live the life to the fullest


Friday, June 22, 2012


I wipe off rain drops from my face
For the first time in my life
I am not enjoying the most enjoyable rain drops

My smile is a light and you are oxygen
I carry my bag of life to save myself
Bag filled with memories

From nobody, I will become nobody
But the journey in-between is very rough
Passing many dangers to return to square one

I am noting but a help in your life,
Our intentions were entirely different
Only common things that matched are wrong

I have a constant headache and eye pain
It has secluded memories and deserted heart
Wherever I go, I always find myself alone.


Saturday, June 9, 2012


You said you are afraid I’ll go away
Where have you let me come close?
I am being put in a box in your heart
In your heart, but in a box, away from all

I am part of your time table
My slots are always the late ones
I don’t get what I want when I want
My waiting time for you is the longest

You say I am a special person, important
But why am I special? Am curious
What you say and what you do, differs
I think, what you think and what you do too,

It’s tough to believe you, you are flexible
Understanding your emotions, impossible
Your priorities, what you want in life,
You are the most confused and lost person

Release me from the box, make me part
Let go those fear and inhibitions
Get your priorities and people set right
Don’t run from love only because it hurts.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

I await

I await,
Await for you to reach me

A call, a message, a note or an email
Keeping my eyes wide open
Wait for you to reach me

My hands stretch to reach to you
But I hold back, DND on your door
Do I have an option but to wait?

I do not want to disturb you
But neither had I wanted this silence
Don’t want to reach uninvited

I have reached out to you
Many times now… way too many
Now it’s time you call me

I wake up in the middle of the night
Just to see if you have had thought about me
To see any trace that tells me you missed me

Wake up imagining your smile
Pass every day recalling our glory
Go to bed with a hope, that you’ll reach me

I see you always
Both with open and closed eyes
My heart has crossed all limits

I wait for you to reach to me
And tell me you love me
And take me as yours, forever, but…

Disappointment is part of life
So is expectation and anticipation
Love, I blame it all to love!


Sunday, May 20, 2012


The world feels empty, without you,
I feel no interest in anything
Happiness loses its charm, when you are away
Time stalls and fails to move

You have become my world now
All I think is only about you
I even hate to write this poem, am angry
I wanna throw my pen and come running to you

Loneliness had never felt so bad
I feel restless and helpless, being alone
Every second I know you are away, I miss you
I want you in my reachability perimeter

What have you done to me, my love
Why is my life so dull and lifeless without you
Just the fact that you are around, brings joy
And your absence kills me every second


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don’t Give Up!

Not everybody wants to break your heart
Not every girl you meet is a cheat
It’s just some wrong times, places
And people that turn situations around

No one leaves the house in the morning
Decided to fall for somebody
Sometimes it’s just the first sight
Sometimes its elongated friendship

You should not stop believing
You have all the rights to be happy
Like they say in every bollywood movie
Somebody, somewhere is made for you,

Don’t stop trying till you find the right one
You might make some mistakes in the process
As all of us are unique in our own way
Experiences with every person is unique and different

Love is bliss that some find easily, some struggle
It lives with some and just dies always with others
You never know what destiny has written for you
Don’t give up on love, my dear friend!



Sunday, April 15, 2012


All those butterflies which went dead back then,
Have all gotten life and are flying in my tummy
Whatever chemical mixtures had gotten old
Are fresh and new and are working now

All those sweet things you said to me
All those sweet dreams you gave me
Have brought back a new life in me
Have made my days brighter and face shine

I thought only the skeleton of our love is left now
All the flesh and blood sucked in and gone
All that beauty turned into dust
Just a lovely memory it had become

Now I see this new you, a lot changed
Everything seems so different and better
My pale dreams are now so much more colorful
I feel like I am living a second life

Thank you for turning around my life again
It feels amazing to get new dreams everyday
I anticipate more from you, like always,
Hope this treasure of joy never gets empty.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I burn because of the inability to make you mine
I burn so much that deadly gastric attacks are a child’s play now
The tears of desperation, evaporate before they reach my cheeks
That’s the kind of heat you have created in me

While I was busy admiring everything about you
You silently acquired my heart and my mind
You are the one in all my dreams, emotions and feelings
Now you have made me think “I am nothing without you”

I tease you and hurt you to keep these emotions hidden
I laugh and look away so that my eyes don’t speak to you
Inevitability tortures my decision to keep away from you
I somehow manage to behave normal in front of you

Is this feeling mutual? Your eyes never say a thing
Are you my new crush? This doesn’t look so harmless like before
All the fantasies that I thought I have gotten rid of,
Are back now, and have you in all of them

You have no idea what you do to me with your complements
You turn my life around, you mix up all my feelings
I am very simple, open book and weak hearted girl
This whole emotional mix up has ruined my life

I fail to deny my feelings or to keep you away
You are a fatal attraction, irresistible temptation
I do nothing but being at the receiving end
And hope that whatever is happening is happening for good.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hide and Seek

I miss you every minute
When you are away from me
I wish you come back and surprise me
Pour in your smile into my heart

I smile not only when I see you
But also when I think about you
I don’t know you but I like you already
How am I going to hide this from you

But I hide the desire to touch you
Touch you with my finger tips
To know how it feels to touch you
To feel you from my senses

I get lost and get found in your eyes
Those eyes which tell stories
I see so much truth and purity in them
I see no hint of desire in them

I like to turn that around and see desire
I like to see fire in your eyes
I wish I could change things at the pace I like
I wish you get a hint of what I am up to

I am not a bad girl, you are a good boy
All I want is some mixture of emotions
It’s fun to play hide and seek game
Only when one is seeking the other.


"Dedicated" ;) to my inspiration to this poem!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Women's Day

We are not like you
That’s why you like us
We are soft, smooth
We are gentle, delicate

We get rough and protecting
We get tough and straight
We show you the joys of life
We are the Mothers, we are the Daughters

We cry, we laugh
We say emotional things
We hurt and we take hurt
We are your siblings

We become yours, take your name
Give birth to your pride in pain
We make, sometimes break your world
We are your life partners

We are women, current in your river
We are power, smart and beautiful
We are what we are at our best
God’s one of the beautiful gifts to earth


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


You live in limits
These many hours of work
This much spending on this thing
These many hours of sleep and these many kisses

I know no limits
I want to take the whole world in my arms
I want to buy the most precious pearls
I want the love to go on and on

You loved this passion in me
I loved how organized you were
You loved the madness and rush
I loved the peace and calm

We fell in love with each other
Now we attempt to live together
The passion you loved in me looks mess
The organized I loved in looks time table

We attempt to change each other like the other
And fail, fighting and falling apart
Our own qualities take priority over love
Leaving us hating the mess we create

It’s tough when two opposites meet
And tougher to get along with minimum fights
Toughest to keep increasing love for each other
And that’s how marriage stories grow.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Extra Marital Affair

You are still my desire
My teenage dream girl
My current wife and
Mom of my lovely kids
But I cannot resist
Dreaming about ‘her’

You are homely, perfect wife
I sill and will always love you
But I love ‘her’ too, the one I work with
She is an untamed animal
She is a mystery, an onion
Opens up layer by layer

Don’t you remember falling for him?
The perfect boss you had at work
Yours was a childlike crush,
But mine, a full time love
Till the time you know what I am doing,
You are not hurt, are you?

I am amazed, how I am convinced
That I am not cheating you by loving her
I love you both, she knows it
You are the one I have hidden it from
I am not afraid of you, but your tears
But the blame that you will put on me and hurt yourself

I don’t know how to explain this to you
I love you more but I love her too
It’s not something that you don’t have,
That I have found in her, that pulled me in,
But something you have, that she possesses
Attracts me to her more

To the outside world, I am a cheap cheater,
She is a cheap girl and you are cheated
But I know what I feel, how lovely it is
I find no harm in being loved or in loving someone
I know the never ending need to be loved
I am not sorry for pouring my love on to both of you


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just so you know!

The heart you stabbed
Still beats for you
After days and months
It still waits for you
It still lives for you
It still loves you a lot

I miss you when I breath
I miss your scent, I miss your smile
Though you played around
I feel honesty in those sweet nothings
I loved you from the bottom of my heart
You were not sure what it was

I fail to change, fail to move on
I question myself, how did it happen
How could you leave me and my love
How could you hurt me so much
When you cared, you cared too much
And now the lack of it, hurts too much

No matter what you did
I love you like I love God
I am happy I was ever loved by you
I was ever one with you
I still remain loyal to your memory
And stay awake always, waiting for you


Friday, February 24, 2012

Forbidden Scent

In just one touch
I was covered by his scent
I still smell the same, after hours

Whenever I need
I smell that dress I wore
I would never wear or wash it again

I cannot resist
The temptation to smell
Do I like the scent or him?

What I might want
Is already forbidden
How can I even desire for it?

I do not want to let go
The smell I have acquired
Wonder, how am I going to preserve?


Monday, January 30, 2012

Please let us live by our terms

When we were kids you introduced us to the society
Told us what is right and what is wrong
Told us how a family is built and how it works
Made us believe in love, marriage and things like that
We took your advice and walked our steps
Brought together by love, united by marriage

We are a family now, only we two
Though part of a your families, we are on our own
We make rules, as follow them or break
We live the life we wanted, the way we like
Still in line with the rules of the society

Why do you poke your nose into our house
Make us feel what you think is what is right
Make us into something what we are not
Follow your opinions and have differences
Spoil the peace of mind, that we otherwise have

Our life within those four walls is ours
No society, no relative, no friend is allowed
We know each other better than any of you know us
We know what we want and when we want
We have our terms to keep our life happy

Please let us live by our terms
Our happiness is the only thing that should matter
We know our life, or at least we’ll figure out on our own
Don’t overload us with your point of views
Too many advisers does not make a happy marriage.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


As the sun sets, light dims, stars twinkle
As the full moon emerges from the other end
As the high tides wash away our sand castle
I look at the remaining ruins of our castle
And think, what good memories

Such enthusiasm I had this morning
Plan was to spend a whole day with you
On the beach, playing with the waves and rocks
It was a dream picnic spot for anybody
Plan was to just have some time for life

We built such beautiful and detailed castle
I was the Princess and you were the King
Our story went on and on for the whole day
With no watch, mobile or laptop around
We lost the count of time, we forgot the tick-tock

You left just before the sunset, time had passed
I stood watching you disappear in to darkness
Still wanting to know when can we do this again
Waves got rough and destroyed our castle
I am dragging myself home, carrying "memories"


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Partner "Best Friend for Life"

If I remember right, there is a shloka which says wife is your best friend for life. Considering today’s lifestyle, I figured it may mean to say your life partner is your best friend for life.

In earlier days, men used to be the bread earner and women used to stay home and take care of the households. Men used to see the world and women used to make their home their world. Women used to use all that they have to do the roles of Mantri, Rambha, Mata and so on as it goes in another shloka. However, today, as both men and women do both the roles of earning bread and looking after the household, they both need to be each others best friend.

Why friend might be your question. In marriage the string that binds each other is not blood, but love, and sometimes the outcomes of a marriage. Two people who are married are expected to live together, help each other in daily life and share a whole lot of stuff. This emphasizes on the requirement to have a friendly relationship with each other. I know a lot of couples hate whom they are married to more often than they love, but that does not make the marriage broken. If that need to be taken seriously then all marriages would lead to divorce. It always is a love-hate relationship and a balance is what makes it work. That balance, a lot of times, is brought by the friendliness in the relationship.

So, coming back to the friendship part, which sounds as a necessity for a good marriage. How many of us can claim that their wife/husband is their best friend? I don’t know how many but I would be happy every time the count increases. How many of us are transparent with our life partners? It may be “I’ll smoke at office hours and she’ll not get to know” or “I’ll cheat on him at office hours and he’ll not get to know” or more. Hiding facts, hiding truth, from the person who we claim we love a lot and with whom we share out life. How right is that? If all these hidden facts come to light, the effects would rock the boat. However, more and more couples are hiding their life from their life partners.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be frank with the one person you love. Tell that you are doing something that they may not like. Take the truth on its face value and get over with. Wouldn’t it make life simpler, better and worth living?

Ego and taking for granted are other two important factors that can spoil a marriage. Why should I say sorry has the power to make many night and days silent. These issues dries out the love out of the relationship and makes it a burden. Why wait to say sorry? Why not forgive without a sorry? Every minute that is spent on these fights and talk less time had the potential to be a memorable time. Why turn it in to pain when it can be fun.

Trust on each other is also very important for a happy marriage. We believe whatever a friend says without much of discussion and debate, we ask friends for help when we are in trouble and look at issues from their point of view, then why not life partner? Aren't they the best people to help? They know our life as much as we know it and they can help us better. We trust a friend easily then why not partner? Is it because we own them? Is it because of the possessiveness they have on us that makes their view point invalid? I don't think it makes it invalid, rather it makes it more appropriate. Things might go wrong sometimes, but when it hasn't? There is no perfect way of doing things. So, trust your partner and hold their hands tight. It strengthens the bond.

We live a short life and we live only once. Keeping a different, rude attitude towards the world is okay, but not with life. As we all know life can get really short for all of us any time making it sweet and worth living is the best way to live.

Make friendship with your partner. Say that you love them, say that you did not like something, say that you do something that they do not like. But say it all. Do not hide it. Be transparent. Share you had a crush on the good looking girl and make sure that you get over with it. Share that you made a mistake, when it was done but make sure that you never do it again. Forgive accidents and forget those bad times and fights. Make that life that you wanted to live, yours.

There are a list of advantages for having your life partner as best friend:
1. First and foremost view point from the other sex is easily available and that gives any issue a 360 degree outlook
2. Impact of such thing on the family can be put to perspective easily
3. You’ll have a punching bag all the time
4. Poring work tension on family can be reduced
5. Issues are resolved as a talk and not fight
6. You both are in the same page all the time on anything that is happening in each of your lives

The only disadvantage I see is that frequency of fights might increase, however the duration and intensity of it will be far lesser than once a blue moon fight. Anger is not accumulated and there is a proper vent for it to go out. Secrets of a marriage can be kept between the two, and embarrassments reduced.

With requirement for both life partners to work, we get so less time with each other. Why not tap the advantage of having a friend all the time? Make the best of the person with whom life is shared. Keep it simple, clean and truthful. Life sounds so much easier that way.

I have a full time friend in my husband and I hope he thinks the same way too. I wish all marriages turn to a life time bound friendships and all married lives have a happy life.