Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don’t Give Up!

Not everybody wants to break your heart
Not every girl you meet is a cheat
It’s just some wrong times, places
And people that turn situations around

No one leaves the house in the morning
Decided to fall for somebody
Sometimes it’s just the first sight
Sometimes its elongated friendship

You should not stop believing
You have all the rights to be happy
Like they say in every bollywood movie
Somebody, somewhere is made for you,

Don’t stop trying till you find the right one
You might make some mistakes in the process
As all of us are unique in our own way
Experiences with every person is unique and different

Love is bliss that some find easily, some struggle
It lives with some and just dies always with others
You never know what destiny has written for you
Don’t give up on love, my dear friend!



Sunday, April 15, 2012


All those butterflies which went dead back then,
Have all gotten life and are flying in my tummy
Whatever chemical mixtures had gotten old
Are fresh and new and are working now

All those sweet things you said to me
All those sweet dreams you gave me
Have brought back a new life in me
Have made my days brighter and face shine

I thought only the skeleton of our love is left now
All the flesh and blood sucked in and gone
All that beauty turned into dust
Just a lovely memory it had become

Now I see this new you, a lot changed
Everything seems so different and better
My pale dreams are now so much more colorful
I feel like I am living a second life

Thank you for turning around my life again
It feels amazing to get new dreams everyday
I anticipate more from you, like always,
Hope this treasure of joy never gets empty.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I burn because of the inability to make you mine
I burn so much that deadly gastric attacks are a child’s play now
The tears of desperation, evaporate before they reach my cheeks
That’s the kind of heat you have created in me

While I was busy admiring everything about you
You silently acquired my heart and my mind
You are the one in all my dreams, emotions and feelings
Now you have made me think “I am nothing without you”

I tease you and hurt you to keep these emotions hidden
I laugh and look away so that my eyes don’t speak to you
Inevitability tortures my decision to keep away from you
I somehow manage to behave normal in front of you

Is this feeling mutual? Your eyes never say a thing
Are you my new crush? This doesn’t look so harmless like before
All the fantasies that I thought I have gotten rid of,
Are back now, and have you in all of them

You have no idea what you do to me with your complements
You turn my life around, you mix up all my feelings
I am very simple, open book and weak hearted girl
This whole emotional mix up has ruined my life

I fail to deny my feelings or to keep you away
You are a fatal attraction, irresistible temptation
I do nothing but being at the receiving end
And hope that whatever is happening is happening for good.