Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I was standing alone in the bus stop
It had rained and the roads were wet
It was still drizzling and I was attempting not get wet
Waiting for a bus, in the broken bus shelter

Few buses passed, some with lights on and some without
Street lights were not switched on yet
It was tough to read the boards with low light
I was attempting to see, if the bus go to my destination
Yes! Some did! But did not stop, though I waved my hand

I was scared of getting stuck in rain again
There were no other vehicles in the road
It was a festival evening with heavy rains
Who would come out? Lonely, scary road
I was alone in the bus stop, waiting for a bus to stop

Suddenly there appeared that road Romeo
Who used to tease me whenever he had a chance
I was alone, wet and scared to death
Afraid that he would not limit himself to a tease
Wishing for a bus to stop and get moving from there

Did he not notice me? I wonder
He is not coming close or whistling or teasing
I looked at him many times, no response
Oh! I totally forgot, yesterday’s accident
I died due to electric shock, he cannot see me anymore
Shall I threaten him? I decided otherwise and flied off


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In order to be a friend
One need not hangout everyday
Need not chat up every event
Need not talk every moment

It’s just that
Your presence should be felt in your absence
Your absence identified even in your presence
Read the directions of your thought process

To be a great friend
You need not tell all the events happened
Just convey only the feeling and emotions
Understand it through heart and soul

It feels heavenly to have a friend
Who cares more than parents
Loves more than beloved
Shares more than one’s own soul

Am so lucky to have a friend
With whom I laugh to the content of my heart
Whom I trust more than myself
Whom I believe more than god
Thank God for giving him as my friend
Thank you for being my friend



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

At Work:

Girls die to see your face everyday
You are a charmer, deserve that waiting
You bring out star’s sparkles in those waited eyes
You drive those ladies crazy

You are so unpredictable
The jokes you crack are not funny at times
No one can say, when and on what you laugh
We laugh with you forcefully sometimes

When you laugh, you make it so great
Light up all those eyes around you
Make them feel ah! You are so sweet
Make them feel oh! You are so smart

Your small twinkling eyes
Have the capacity to show thousand emotions
They tell your anger and show your smile
They grasp the whole place at a glance

Your catchy face catches ladies attention
So does your soft dressing sense
You look just right in everything you wear
Perfect clothing for your size zero figure

You walk like a cheetah, fast and soft
Talk like a musician, detailed and sweet
Eat like a bird, quick and clean
Oh! You are such a perfect man

Non-comprehendible yet sweet,
You make all hearts beat fast
Amazingly smart but difficult sometimes
Unique person, undoubtedly a sweetheart

Guess you know how to attract women
Guess you know about that advantage of yours
You use it very carefully, no one can notice
Play yourself very safe, just right

You are sun but make yourself look like moon
Bright and shiny every time
Only the ones close to you see and feel your heat, get burnt
For the rest, you are a glow in their heart.


(Dedicated to "Him" and all those girls who spoke so much about him and have inspired me to write this) I Love My Office ;)