Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sometimes years are spent in minutes and
Sometimes seconds take years to pass
Time has its own way to transcend and transform
To teach and to make living better by day!

It’s like waking up from a sweet dream and
Still feeling the beauty of it, around
Like world unwinds its colors slowly
Beauty is the only word I have!

Being true to emotions, true to oneself,
True to the inner conscious, follow the morals
Living the values that our fathers taught
And living, knowing that it’s all gonna end!

Peace of mind and lots of hope
Sincerity, honesty and applied life lessons
Knowing that I am doing the right thing for all
Gives such a peace and joy to the heart!

Enjoy the life, as you wish, as you deserve,
Harm no one, hurt no one, be the best you can!
It’s all temporary, momentary, know that well,
And live such way, that you die with pride and honor!