Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My hero, my friend and my companion

Melted for my stubbornness
Going an extra mile
Just to stop me cry
And see me smile

I was so afraid that afternoon
When the bus was crowded and dad on top
Putting luggage and bus moved
Could not think a day without you

Being spirited and enthusiastic
Climbing mountains, stunts on bike
Those fast rides leaving tears in my eyes
All the adventure I always wanted

Be it teaching me swimming or climbing trees
Solving my math problems or oiling my hair
Hunt for forest fruits or game of cards
Trek with cousins or feeding me when am angry

I can’t believe you can get old
Get angry and cranky and get tired
Your heart is young but body speaks
Those passing days are leaving an effect on you

I am still a kid, not ready to grow up
Not ready to accept realities of life
If the reality is to make me know you are old
I would rather always believe you are forty

I wanna be with you, see you grow old
And realizes the shift of responsibilities
Be strong like you were and look after
And make you feel special like you always did to me


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going Back to Childhood

I went back to my childhood last week
Just few hours, but bliss and joy
Came back refilled with liveliness

Playing in the river Hemavathi
Splashing water on dad, laughing loud
Walking all over the house soaked, wet

Mom made rotti and sambar
Her little palm all over my hair
Amazing oil massage and good night kiss

Granny’s shaking hands holding mine
Her pink lips on my cheeks, gentle kiss
Her desire to hear me sing the songs she taught

I feel more energy in every nerve of mine
I feel refilled, energized and lively
I went and came back from my native


Thursday, March 3, 2011


After a hectic week
I hit home on a Friday night
Open the door with my key and enter
I scream my lungs out
Somebody is hanging to the fan with a rope
Attempt to suicide

Only we two live here,
Who is this third person hanging?
With my heart pounding I go and see
It’s a known face, it resembles both of us
Oh my god, it’s our love
Trying to kill itself, neglected by both of us

I release it from the rope, bring it down
Pump in some love, attempting to bring back to life
Take good care of it over the weekend,
Hoping to keep it alive
It gets lonely when we both go for work
It gets sad, when we both ignore it

The love that brought us together
Is now eroding, creating a gap
It has become weak and it barely breaths
Am hiding all dangerous things away
We both are afraid to lose it but
We both just don’t try to hold it on