Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Somewhere someone awaits your call
Oh! Confused soul
Reach out to your destiny
As she awaits you

She is bound
By her golden chains
You hold the keys
To unlock her
From her miseries

She too desires
What you desire
But only if you could
Whisper those magical words
In her ears
She would be released

She is crippled
But has a strong will at heart
Hold her hands once
She will break her crutches
And walk with you

Winter has passed
It is the time of spring
It is the time of spring
Open your eyes to the new world
Claim what is rightly yours
Claim your destiny

Oh! Confused soul
Possessor of good fortune
She is calling you
Rise above your limitations
Rise above your inhibitions
She shall be yours, forever


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Are you scared?

Are you scared that
One fine morning
I might ring your door bell
Stand in front of you
Lay my heart
On your feet
And bind you

The love I have
Is impossible to deny
And you will accept
Let me inside your life
Which was
Just yours
Till now

You may fall
Head over heals
In love with me
And I would know
Your flaws
Like your soul

That we may grow
So dependent on each
That death
When it takes me
Would take your soul too
Along with mine and
You would be empty
For ever

Are you scared of me?
Of falling in love with me?
Of loving me?
Of being mine, forever
And staying that way!
Are you?


Friday, October 24, 2014


When I walk those lonely roads,
Watch those misty lights beam light out
Feel the chill air on my nose, cheeks and feet
I think about you

When I smell coffee brewing
When I hear petals crack and spread aroma
Blossoms flowering
I miss you

When I stand in my balcony
Listen to wind and chirping birds
Wonder about the green color of leaves
I ponder about you

Every time I breathe fresh air
Every time I hear my heart beat
Every sound, color and feeling I see
I realize, I am madly in love with you


Thursday, October 23, 2014


You are a water bubble
You are a butterfly
You are a hint of rainbow
On a moody evening sky

You are a paper boat
Filled with glitter and light
Sailing on my river of life
Tickling my funny bones

You are a clear dream
You are a distant reality
You are an unsolved puzzle
Going round and round in my head

You are my inspiration
You are my motivation
You are the door half open
Result of my persuasion


Inspired & Dedicated Love Poems

Love Race

It is a tortoise and rabbit race
But towards each other
I have crossed my half long time back
I await your reach on the joining line

Every step you take towards me
Pulls me close to you
Am held back at the joining line
I can’t wait anymore

You move very slowly
Think and ponder on your way
Look up and see me once in a while
And lost in your thoughts otherwise

Every passing second is a year
Every feet is a decade to pass
Am holding my heart in my hands
Just to make it yours as soon as you reach


Monday, October 20, 2014

Love Story

I am butterfly
I am flower
I am the nectar that flows
I am colors
I am shade
I am the transition between

I am you
I am him
I am everything that connects
I am love
I am pain
I am all other feelings in between

I am your mirror
I am his shade
I am the grey between black and white
I am his question
I am your answer
I am the string that runs through the dots

I am bird
I am tree
I am the dry twig that becomes nest
I am soul
I am heart
And I am the universe that binds both

I am your ears
I am his words
I am the air that carries it all
I am him in you
I am you in him
I am the idea of you two, together

Sowmyashree Gonibeedu

Inspired and Dedicated

Friday, October 10, 2014

Running on Autopilot

The lanes I travel
Have arrow marks for instructions
The things I do
Come with a process handbook

System created fire extinguisher
For what happens in my belly
It is cold outside, snowing
Warm clothes protect my body

It creeps out in every direction
I try to grab it all back and put inside
Breezy, windy and it flows
I lose a little bit in every explosion

The ties are lose and tight
I sprained my neck, back and ankles
Those horses run so very fast
My hands bleed holding control

Am I running on autopilot mode?
Defined emotions for every situation
Am I free? Am I at my will? Or
Whatever I think is also programmed?