Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I simply watch my fellow mates out race me
I feel a need for search... have I lost any thing?
By my intention or not
Now am part of this rat race...!!!

Do I really wanted to be this?
If I follow a great human being in every step
I will just be a bad remake, and not ME!
So where was I? And where is it going?

I still await for some magic,
I still believe in dreams coming true,
now! Alas! My dream box is empty and white
What's waiting for me in the doorstep?

Its hard to understand the amount of let go's
when you are making your self in to “your self”
so many colors around, so many sounds heard
am still a child in this world with barely open eyes

I am standing in a place where
every one else is moving a fast forward motion
thinking whether to be a part of them or not
thinking how not to be part of them and be it always!



Sarvesh said...

Lovely!!!Very well written...M sure,everyone feels like this a lot of times..Blame it all on the competition gal....:)...Liked it..

Vishal said...
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Vishal said...

This is intriguing! Too Good!

The Inner Side of "ME" said...

Such kind of creation comes out when deep thoughts meet with carefully selected words...I am becoming fan of yours