Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My hero, my friend and my companion

Melted for my stubbornness
Going an extra mile
Just to stop me cry
And see me smile

I was so afraid that afternoon
When the bus was crowded and dad on top
Putting luggage and bus moved
Could not think a day without you

Being spirited and enthusiastic
Climbing mountains, stunts on bike
Those fast rides leaving tears in my eyes
All the adventure I always wanted

Be it teaching me swimming or climbing trees
Solving my math problems or oiling my hair
Hunt for forest fruits or game of cards
Trek with cousins or feeding me when am angry

I can’t believe you can get old
Get angry and cranky and get tired
Your heart is young but body speaks
Those passing days are leaving an effect on you

I am still a kid, not ready to grow up
Not ready to accept realities of life
If the reality is to make me know you are old
I would rather always believe you are forty

I wanna be with you, see you grow old
And realizes the shift of responsibilities
Be strong like you were and look after
And make you feel special like you always did to me



Sarvesh said...

Nice one Sowmya....

Pradeep Rao said...

Nice one.. Some times how we wish the time could just freeze & we be a child forever in their caring presence!! very nice..

ವಿಚಲಿತ... said...


ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ said...

good child... nice wish and kavana...

Dr.D.T.krishna Murthy. said...

excellent!I am surprised!My loving daughter,a soft ware engineer says the same!!!