Friday, April 15, 2011

After you have gone

Now that, I know that, you have gone
I try to find you in everybody else

I attempt to fit the names I gave you
I try and talk the way I used to talk to you
I recall those jokes and crack them again
I try and fix those loosened ends

I seek for fresh faces to speak to
Look out for fresh ideas to write
Some time ago, it was all about you
Now I want to make it about me again

Am opening the happiness doors I had closed
My hands are welcome for a friendship shake hand
Having you as a friend and losing you is tough
It is part of life; I hope to find better ones

I can see you in pieces every where
Some of your qualities here and there
Somebody has a similar voice, gesture and laugh
Somebody else cares like you and makes me feel safe

Now that, am sure, that you are no more there
Am trying not to be like you
Am more myself and losing your influence now
Am being a new me, after you have gone



ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ said...

obbanE vyakti dUra iddaga ondu artha, hattira iddaaga ondu artha...
kavanada bhaava tumbaa ishTa aaytu......

ವಿಚಲಿತ... said...

Nais lains..

Pradeep Rao said...

perfect lines.. As usual you way of expressing is straight forward & strong!