Saturday, September 17, 2011


It was such a beautiful dream
Left a lightening smile on my face
I woke up and opened my eyes
But my mind was still thinking of the dream

I wish it becomes real very soon
No pain, if it does not become one
I had that dream, that’s enough for now
I know the dream shall fade away somehow

Whom should I thank for making me get that dream?
The half an hour talks with a dear friend
My punching bag, my loving husband
Or the intoxication and thoughts in my mind

Am so happy, I had that beautiful dream
I know I wish so much for it to come true
Happy having a bright beginning of the day
Waiting to retain the smile and joy



ಡಾ.ಕೃಷ್ಣ ಮೂರ್ತಿ .ಡಿ.ಟಿ. said...

May your dream come true.Best wishes.

ಮನದಾಳದಿಂದ............ said...

Good Dream............

ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ said...

let your dream come true very soon.

thank you for the nice dreamy poem..