Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I burn because of the inability to make you mine
I burn so much that deadly gastric attacks are a child’s play now
The tears of desperation, evaporate before they reach my cheeks
That’s the kind of heat you have created in me

While I was busy admiring everything about you
You silently acquired my heart and my mind
You are the one in all my dreams, emotions and feelings
Now you have made me think “I am nothing without you”

I tease you and hurt you to keep these emotions hidden
I laugh and look away so that my eyes don’t speak to you
Inevitability tortures my decision to keep away from you
I somehow manage to behave normal in front of you

Is this feeling mutual? Your eyes never say a thing
Are you my new crush? This doesn’t look so harmless like before
All the fantasies that I thought I have gotten rid of,
Are back now, and have you in all of them

You have no idea what you do to me with your complements
You turn my life around, you mix up all my feelings
I am very simple, open book and weak hearted girl
This whole emotional mix up has ruined my life

I fail to deny my feelings or to keep you away
You are a fatal attraction, irresistible temptation
I do nothing but being at the receiving end
And hope that whatever is happening is happening for good.