Friday, August 3, 2012


Afraid? NO MORE
I know I have to stand on my own and fight
I now fairytales are just amusing stories
I know now, nothing else should matter

Tears? NO MORE
No one wants a share in my sadness
No one wants to know what I am going through
No one cares about my happiness

Being Hurt? NO MORE
No one wants to listen to me
No one is bothered about my silence
No one cares if am alive or dead

Botheration? NO MORE
Only when I am smiling, I am approached
Only when I show off, I am considered
Only when I pretend, I am admired

All I care is about myself now
I am the only person in my world
I decide my life, and my terms

Emotions? NO MORE
Take a back seat, go hide your self
You are not required any more
Brain rules my world now


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