Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shut Eyes

Busy with my battles,
I shut my eyes

When I opened them today,
Oh! I have missed the growth in you
The colors you have picked up
The blossoms that have flowered
The fruits that have ripen now
Alas! I had shut my eyes

Its lightening, raining, thunder storms
Hailstones fall making a beautiful noise
Walk with an umbrella is music to ears
The cooling breeze makes me sing and dance
I have missed the nature’s bliss,
Alas! I had shut my eyes

There is a new baby, a blissful wedding
A new car, house and holiday hanging
Oh! That color, that dress, that new cuisine,
All that has come, that I wish
I lost days being busy within me,
Alas! I had shut my eyes

I hear new music every minute now,
I see dance in natures every turn
I cherish the sweet, the sour and the bitter
Everywhere I see, its only glitter
Well, it’s all so calm and so very nice
Am glad! I haven’t shut my eyes!