Thursday, April 10, 2014


Happily married then,
Much happily divorced now

Then, it was all plans for two
Now, it's one, lot plans are now
Then, it was cozy places and corner seats
Now, it is lonely walks and self treats

Then, it was long nights on bed
Now, it is longer nights with good books
Then, it was compromise and adjustments
Now, it is priorities and my own trends

Then, it was shared smiles and bitter words
Now, it is fights with self and connected chords
Then, it was egos, tears, share and care
Now it is "I am the Queen of my World and I don't care"

Was that better or is this the best?
No such question, as it is all part of the quest
It is a transition from married to divorced
In the journey of life, nothing should be devoid.


1 comment:

Rajendra said...

Nicely put. There is no single good way to lead a good life. :)