Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I dream

I dream of being that one special friend of yours
With whom you lay your heart open
To protect you, care for you and be with you
And build a bridge that is unshakeable

I dream of being your life partner
In joys and sorrows and much more
To love you eternally and be loved by you
To have my world weaved around you

I dream of being your wife, the better half
Share all that I have with you
Have my name carry yours with it
And be your eternal partner

I dream of being your soul mate
Be your heart beat, be your breath
Be the one that you can always trust
And be attached to you, forever

I dream of being soil for your seeds
To grow you, inside me,
To connect with you in such a way
That we can never be separated

I dream of you, about you, of being yours
I dream every day, night, minute, second
All I do is dream and dream about you
And await for you to ask for my hand.


Inspired and Dedicated