Friday, December 19, 2014

The Storm has Passed

The storm has passed

Busy erasing the scars, that
Making memories have halted
Refresh, start over, and leave the scars alone

Have been traveling the whole night
Direction west
Do I see a tinge of orange in my mirror?
Like light moves in circles
Have I taken a U turn?
Am I back at where I started?
But with a different direction

Some tunnels on my way were so lit
That I forgot sun
Sun, who lights up the whole world
Sometimes it is so cloudy
Sun does not make a difference at all

It is the light inside me
That is lighting up my world
It is the god inside me
That is keeping me alive

Forget and ban the sounds from outside
Let me hear the voices from my stomach
It is not easy; I am tuned out till now
But I hear a static, I hear noises
Am sure, I will tune in, soon,

Reflections are guiding me
They are taking me places
When in dark, I see light
And I see reflections too
Bat ears and cat eyes

The storm has passed
Is it time to settle down?
Is it time to prepare for another one?
I shake myself off the dust
Thinking I am a phoenix
And I wonder


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