Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When I see you light up the world
I can’t resist but follow you
I punish myself for my acts with silence

The boundaries I set for myself
Are broken, I feel your pull
What magic have you done to me?

I try to chase you away from my mind
While I meditate, when I see you, I name you,
You resist to leave my mind, ever

I try to be angry, I try to hate you, punish you
But when I see your eyes go sad
I fail to stick to the promises made to self

I wonder what you are, who you are
Where have you come from and what’s your purpose
I am too shy to talk to you, question you

My heart runs around you like a lost puppy
My eyes smile when I see your face
What am I supposed to do?

You are too beautiful to resist
Your childlike smile and behavior
Makes me want to love you


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