Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I overheard you

I overheard you when you were speaking about me

yesterday, the Wednesday, while having food,

I was behind you, didn't you notice?

Or is that an intentional conversation you made?

You spoke about me, you spoke about marriage,

you spoke about rethinking on your decision

Are you curious to know about me?

Are you hesitant to speak with me?

Re-look at your decision, speak to me,

its okay!!! its no one else, its “me”!!!

Come on! We are all social animals,

haven't you studied? Haven't you practiced?

Cross your boundaries, open up

your image will not collapse by this

Though I over heard am ready to speak,

I take up this initiative to stretch my hand,

I know you are not shy, you have the “guts”,

friendship is too big word to fit in this small matter

Even am curious, I want to know

am like this, please don't mind,

hope you speak, hope you share,

hope my stretched hand doesn't remain empty.



Anonymous said...

Dear i was 'breathless' while reading this poem. HUH !!!!
'To address' mention maadidre chennagi irrodu :P


Good one, to whom it is meant to be addressed ?

ಭಾಶೇ said...

There is someone!!!

Hope they read this.

Thanks for commenting Paraanjape sir and my dear Anonymous.