Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nothing on this Earth can make me Sad when I DECIDE TO BE HAPPY

The other day, I was in a bad mood. I get bad mood without any reason sometimes and sometimes due to thinking about something which is actually worthless. There may be one or two in this world like me. Hello... yes am like you... crying without any reason, sometimes self pity and depression. Even that day I was like this.

I had a supporting shoulder fortunately. I rarely share my tears but that day, she was with me. She identified that am going to break and she took me in her hands. I had a hand to wipe my tears and ears to listen to my pain (so called, actually). I was worried about something, which I cannot do anything even if I want to.

That was not the only bad day. However, somehow the next day I realized a truth. Truth that unless I want feel bad, nothing can make me feel bad. Circumstances may push to the edge of breaking down, but if I decide not to give special attention to it, it is not hard to manage.

“NOTHING ON THIS EARTH CAN MAKE ME SAD WHEN I DECIDE TO BE HAPPY” - I wrote these words with a smiley on a paper and pinned it in my workstation. (You know we, the working crowd, spend most of our lives in office and on road. So I feel its ideal to stick this in my office than in my bedroom!!). After that day, I don't remember any day, me having a bad mood (touch wood).

Am having all wonderful days of my life in this period, may be another reason for having a smiley on my face all the time. However, I don't think that is the driver. If I had to cry, I would have found several reasons with all good things that's happening for me.

Its my decision to be happy, I know now. Hope I stick to my decision always. Even today I have those magical words hanging in front of my eyes. To cheer me up all the time.

Hello.. dear ones like me... are you listening...? Make up your mind and the world will look better each day.




Amal said...

Those words look like an Artist's masterpiece.....
Great thoughts....and indeed "Nothing on this Earth can make me Sad when I DECIDE TO BE HAPPY"

kanasu said...

way to go gal!! :)
nice writing....well now i presume ther is no need for any stickers on ur table anymore...coz luck is in ur side now :)

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Thanks Amal.

Kanasu, eeglu yavaglu aa sticker irbeku.

Kelvomme nagta nagta idru yavaga nagodu maru hogutte antha gotteaagalla.