Monday, September 7, 2009

Anna and Kannada Tili Saaru

Hello dear readers.

Do not expect for some adventures in kitchen. Though I have less amount of experience in kitchen till now what ever I have prepared, has come out very deliciously. So this article is not a comedy or horror show to you. Its just sharing of my experience in kitchen.

Before you even think that am sharing some new dishes or something, let me tell you that I never liked cooking. I used to run away from kitchen always and I have very limited experience in kitchen.

In 3 months of my married life I have cooked thrice. First time I went to make Chitranna which became vichtranna. However, it tasted really good and my hubby gave 70% marks. Next time it was poori and eerulli aaloogedde (onion, potato) palya. Except that salt was little less even that was good. My marks got stabilized at 70% and I just had to improve.

Since a long time I wanted to eat “anna and tili saaru” in my attes' style. All my attes' (Manjula, Naagu, and Vijaya) are very good in making tili saaru and after my wedding I started missing that saru that I used to have. Though I have an option of visiting their house and getting it, I had a desire of having saru anna at my home.

Sunday, after a spicy day with hot fight with my husband and after taking hours to cool down, I decided to make tili saaru for dinner. This was the first time I was making tili saaru independently, so I was nervous and excited.

Am in no mood to tell you the process I followed to make saaru, as you may know it or rather copy it. Only thing you get know is the appreciation I received. We sat for dinner at around 9:35. My mom in law had eaten something prior so she said she is just gonna taste the food. I was damn hungry and I guess my hubby too was.

First round, thinking of god, I served them anna (rice) and saaru (rasam). Hubby said “Kannada Saaru” after taking the first bite. Then there was a silence for a minute and yea.... I ate it it.. it was awesome. My in law and hubby went on and on and on. Mom in law who sat to taste was up for next round. In minutes, saaru was over. My cooking expert mom in law asked me how to make this saaru.(yupiee she knows all other types of cooking, kerala, tamil nadu, andhra, and north indian style and she asked me this.....hooooray) Hmmmm..... I am so proud of myself for preparing such delicious saaru.

Today, while am writing this, my level of confidence in cooking has gone rocket high and am on the 9th cloud. Now I think of preparing something every day.

Let me see for how many days this spirit will remain.

(You are free to pray for the spirit to remain)