Sunday, October 11, 2009

Me on radio

Yes... That’s right. I was on radio in Hassan. It was in 2004 I guess. I was either in my second or in final year of graduation. I had attended a quiz conducted by Hassan FM radio. There were many other folks giving all other sorts of programs. Mr. RJ at that time (sorry for not remembering your name) told me that they have time slots for all sorts of programs including poetry reading. That sounded interesting... Poetry on radio... let me do it. I gave him the diary in which I had written my poems. He selected 7 or 8 of them and said they will suffice for the stipulated time. Wow! I was on the 7th cloud.

Though I had done some radio while attending quizzes and all I was nervous. Practiced for good number of times and yes I was ready at last.

Recording alone was also a wonderful experience. Sitting in the recording room which is sound proof, acting by the instructions of the radio jockey over there, hmmmm I enjoyed every second of it. I think my program was for 15 or 20 minutes. Recording was over and I was out of the room.

Mr. RJ showed me the disk on which my voice is recorded and he played it too. Wow! It was awesome to hear my voice. I was extremely happy.

The broadcast was scheduled for another day. Happily I left the AIR Hassan station.

Fortunately my mom visited me on the day when my poetry got broad-casted as my aunt had come down from California. We all me, mom, aunt, mom's dad, lot more family people were gathered at my grand pa's place.

Portico where we were sitting was dead silent and everyone’s ears were hooked to radio. Yes... It started on time, went on and got over. Every one applauded and congratulated me. Mom was more than happy like me.

I never did radio again. I never thought of doing it or taking it seriously even after observing the buzz of it in Bangalore and even after doing my project on Radio listenership. Now a weak voice inside me calls for doing more. When I hear so many radio stations here in Bangalore, I feel like reaching them, just to know if I can do something here too.

Am writing this blog while listening to radio... and hoping to be part of it in any way.



Sarvesh said...

I have a friend whos got contacts in radio stations...wanna give it a shot????........:)

Vishal said...

Woow..must be a heck of an experience...well done!