Thursday, April 8, 2010

Letter to a Known Stranger

Dear Stranger,

I am not sure what you will feel after reading this, but what to do? I was not able to resist myself from writing this. I wanted to know from you if I over did something that has stopped you from being what you are?

You are different and I felt it the first day we met. In that filled compartment where I was all surrounded by my family members, relatives and friends, but I was feeling so lonely. None of them found that out. Your eyes caught it the first time you saw me. Even after having so many my people around me my mouth was shut. We just saw each other and I turned my face. Am sure you were looking at me for some time at-least. That’s the reason you still remember me and smiled at me this time.

I liked you in the first look but I was so depressed that day that I never said anything. We continued the journey, you got down first and I missed you till I reached my destination.

Life went on. I never thought I would ever meet you again. I always wanted to meet you and was not sure as I never took any contact details. I dreamt of you meeting me again and making me smile. I felt that you may be able to give me such comfort.

4 years passed and there I was, post graduate, with a job in hand and enough energy and smile to light up the whole world. Life changed me from an introvert to an extrovert. I somehow always attributed that quality of mine to you and gave you the credit for whatever I became. I know you would think that this is so irrelevant and mindless but I felt happy giving you the credit. I felt satisfied doing so.

This time when I met you, though you recognized and smiled at me the feeling of surprise was clearly visible on your face. I think even you never thought that you would meet me again and not for sure with such bright colours. I was all happy and waved my hand when I saw you. I should thank that train.

We spoke this time and we spoke a lot. I told you everything that was there in my heart. I think the saying that only in front of strangers you can empty yourself is so true. I spoke everything and you were all ears to listen. Though the journey was very short it was very sweet and memorable.

This time we exchanged contact details and promised each other that we would write or text. I was happy and thrilled to meet you again. We departed on the railway station taking two different directions.

I was not able to call you or write you for 5 – 6 days as I got lost in some personal work. However influenced by your charming personality I wrote poems on you and was eager to show them to you. I was influenced by you. Here is the poem I wrote for you:

You are always noticed... you are not like them
They are always lost in doing their profit and loss accounts
And you counted smiles and cared for tears

You are always admired... you deserve it
You keep the human being inside you always alive
They live with dead faces

You care and you show you care
You identify people by what they are and not by what you want to see in them
It fills up the identity need

Truthfulness spills out of your eyes
Concern out of every word you speak
People keep their heart open and share secrets with you

You know when to be ears, when to be silent
You know when to crack that joke and pull a leg
You are new age Krishna spreading joy all around

I wish to fine more people like you... more human beings
Who make this world a better place to live
Who donate smile and wipe others tears

Hope you remember reading this poem on the first mail I sent.
I was so excited to have a means to reach you whenever I was down or breaking or feeling low. I felt that you are going to be my source of inspiration always. I showed all my excitement and happiness when I wrote you the first time.

Was that a little too much of happiness and belongingness shown on a stranger? Did I over do it?

You never replied to that mail of mine. Whenever I tried your number it said out of coverage area. I thought that you might be traveling and because of which you were not reachable. So many days passed, now my hope started dying. I thought I had found a treasure, a true great friend, an always trustworthy person but I now I feel I have gone terribly wrong.

You never replied to any of those mails of mine, nor picked my calls or replied to my messages. My dream of having you as a great friend of mine is not shattered. I clearly understand you are avoiding me.

Here, by putting all these words in this letter all I want to tell you is that, I did not expect anything from you other than care and concern. I don’t have any feelings other than being a friend of yours. You have shown disrespect to such pure feelings of mine but I forgive you. I still attribute my success to you and hope to hear from you soon.

I thank you for whatever you were to me and hope to see you again. I hope this letter of mine reaches you.



Sarvesh said...

Hope you get your reply.

kanasu said...


ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Nicely written,
I hope you will find that stranger again

ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ.. said...

nice writting.... hope for the best.......