Monday, May 17, 2010

Pure Dance Pleasure - So You Think You Can Dance

I have told a lot of times that like all forms of art. Dance is one in the list. I had interest in dance since I was a kid, but could not learn any forms due to lack of resourceful teachers.

I first saw this dance show in 2006. Season 2 was running at that time. I saw few additions series, and then did not continue watching it as they did many repeat telecast. Later, I think when the show was at the stage where only top 14 or 12 dancers were performing, and then I got back to watching the show again. Amazing! I was moved my all those dance styles, the ability of choreographers to tell stories in those dance routines, and those steps, moves, I became a fan of the show.

In the history of my life (I know am a little young to use these terms, still) this is the only program i have been following since 4 years, and I have never felt bored, not even in a single episode. This program gets first broadcasted in India, every Tuesday @ 9:00 pm and gets re-telecasted @ 11:00 pm or 12:00 midnight and again next Sunday at 4:00 pm. Sometimes the show is so good that I watch it all the 3 times.

Everything about this show is interesting and incredible. Stage, host, judges, format, everything is exceptional. Even someone, who does not know the alphabets of dancing, can sit and watch this show and get a feel of being well entertained all the time.

If you put 'So You Think You Can Dance' in google it throws out great amount of information. In social networking sites, many fan clubs for this show is available. Every season, new dancers, new dance styles, new choreographers, this show is entertainment at its best.

I have been thinking of writing about this great show in my blog since long time. This time, as the 100th episode of the show is getting broadcasted, I sit and write this post and thank all the creative heads who made such a great show and all creative choreographers and dancers, who have made the show as interesting as it is.

Broadcast in India is not in the format or in line with as it happens in US. We are normally one season back of the US and get to see the show like after an year's time. This has a possibility or chance of making the show a little less curious as you can get to know who is going to win. However, this has never made me lose interest in the show. This is like getting to know who will win the match but watching the match, but watching it later to enjoy it ball to ball will still be good.

I dream of going to the US, and then to Hollywood and watch this show, live, once in my life. I want to see those dance moves live through my eyes. If I ever get on to that stage, I may just die out of happiness. I have become such a fan.

Every Tuesday, I try my best to finish the work early and move home just to watch this show. A colleague of mine suggested to download the show episodes or buy them in cd's. I say, the excitement of watching it in a telecast will not be there when you have it all as a download or cd.

I wish this dance show goes on and on and I keep watching and enjoying it the way I do now.




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