Friday, November 26, 2010

Husband Stealer

Beware! Keep your husband away from me
I am a husband stealer

I know to play all types of cards, love, sex, sweetness
I have the charm, mind and the body
I make myself every man’s desire
I have taken oath to destroy loyalty

I can make myself a perfect fit for anybody
Be it, looking for beauty, intelligence or love
I always come as a complete package
Leaving every man needing for more

Don’t worry if you have dumb, rock husbands
I steal only the lively emotional husbands
The one’s who can value love and beauty
The one’s who want to rule intelligence and charm

My heart doesn’t melt for those wives tears
I am a born witch, I am as man’s desire
If you want to have him all, you better give it all
World has no dearth for stealers like me


This poem is dedicated to "her", my source of inspiration! :)


The Inner Side of "ME" said...

This one is different for sure...a good one in "Type Negative".

ವಿ.ಆರ್.ಭಟ್ said...

negativeness causes to damage our own brain cells, try writing positively something in positiveness, God Bless You.

Sarvesh said...

Okkkk....What was that!!! Interesting woman I say!!!LOL...whoever it is..hahahahaha

ಶಿವಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ said...

hmmmm :P

prabhamani nagaraja said...

what a pity!A good eg. for rationasising ones attitude. We must make `her'to develop `her' own identity and self respect.