Monday, December 6, 2010


I am not made of stone or metal
I am made of butter and have a melting heart
I scream out of joy and not anger
I want to hold hands and walk, not fight

You call me a coward, I normally deny
Why should I anymore? I accept, I am afraid
I am not meant to be a warrior, a fighter
I want colors on my fingertips and not blood

Only emotion I carry is love
Red color, roses, evening beach walks
Winter designs of clouds in the sky
Sunsets, birds, river, breeze and rain

I am simple, uncomplicated, and transparent
Get me a gogappa or a cup of sweet corn
A walk in the evening, a small ice candy, am happy
My heart melts for a cup of strong coffee too

My eyes are meant to dream, ears for music
My hands for colors and feet for dance
Don’t make me lose my innocence and sweetness
Without which I am just not myself