Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blessed with short memory

Am blessed with short memory
Be it pain or pleasure, it gets erased
Every morning I get up afresh
Storage space gets emptied during my sleep

Carry no revenge, no hatredness
Dreams fade, fights vanish, feelings disappear
Easy and fast, like in a snapshot
I don’t get stuck or get hooked on to

It’s like a paper boat on the water
Going by the water flow or wind direction
Making as less disturbance on the water
Leaving no paths of my movement

I don’t know if it’s a bliss or a bane
Being able to let go and forgive and forget
I happily open my arms for all new things
As the old ones shade away inside




You are really lucky to have such a state of mind. good poem

Pradeep Rao said...

Good one!! Even I am one of similar kind.. I get up early morning & just wonder what happened yesterday!