Monday, May 16, 2011

Goddess of Happiness

Some tunes go around in my heart
I feel happy and sad together
Some incomplete feeling raises strongly
Feels as if am intoxicated or in dream

I feel hot and cold, I like myself
I look at mirror so many times
Just to check if I look okay
Who says these things happen only at sixteen?

I wanna stretch my hand to reach to people I want
It feels as if the world is revolving around me
It’s like a deep routed desire, grows as you cut
A desire which runs in my veins

I feel it’s not me, inside me, anymore
Its somebody else, formed of rain drops
Formed of hailstones, of river water
Formed of bird chirping, and evening breeze

Formed of crystals of love and happiness
Formed of spilled wine from the glass
Formed of a scent, of a sweet dream, of desire
Formed of that unknown, unseen angel

I am all feathers and flying around
I am all music, submerged in air
I am all dance, in every step, part of life,
I am the bliss, smile of god, happiness of earth

Spreading naughtiness and cheer all around
Multiplying smile and happiness, many folds
I feel supreme, unique, on top of the world
I drive strength from the love I have in my heart and in my arms

Some unknown tune runs in my mind all the time
Making me a different person constantly
I love all the love I get and I give
I am the goddess of happiness.


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