Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You Are More Like God

You have left an impression on me
You left more ends untied
I am puzzled and I keep looking for right ends to join
More than knowing you, I have imagined about you

You will always be the same for me
Even though you are actually a changed person in reality
I will always look at you the way I did, and respect
In my case, ignorance has become a bliss in disguise

When those dreams break and hurt me
Or when they come true and thrill me
I think of you and bring your face in front of my eyes
Nothing is ever as lovely and as painful as you are

From a known person, you are more of an imaginary friend now
I get creative in bringing life to those conversations
As you know, all I need is somebody to listen
And rarely anybody to guide me or even reply

I think of you when I am happy or sad
You are my prescribed antidepressant
Those words I whisper in the air about things I wanted to say
Get the burden off me, without troubling you

You are almost like god now
Unknown, not seen, curiosity and controversy
I believe you are there, but not sure if you can hear me
Your silence does not bother me anymore



kanasu said...

reference to context to be talked over a meet....coffe with kanasu! wat say? :P

ಭಾಶೇ said...

You might have guessed it already!

You know very well, am always up for a drink with u! ;)

U tell me the date and time and "banda haazir hoga" :)

dinesh said...

nice one :)

prabhamani nagaraja said...

the way of expressing your feelings is very nice. in sanskrit there is one saying, 'yad bhavam tad bhavati.'
thanks for giving a good poem.wishing you all the best.