Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I was standing alone in the bus stop
It had rained and the roads were wet
It was still drizzling and I was attempting not get wet
Waiting for a bus, in the broken bus shelter

Few buses passed, some with lights on and some without
Street lights were not switched on yet
It was tough to read the boards with low light
I was attempting to see, if the bus go to my destination
Yes! Some did! But did not stop, though I waved my hand

I was scared of getting stuck in rain again
There were no other vehicles in the road
It was a festival evening with heavy rains
Who would come out? Lonely, scary road
I was alone in the bus stop, waiting for a bus to stop

Suddenly there appeared that road Romeo
Who used to tease me whenever he had a chance
I was alone, wet and scared to death
Afraid that he would not limit himself to a tease
Wishing for a bus to stop and get moving from there

Did he not notice me? I wonder
He is not coming close or whistling or teasing
I looked at him many times, no response
Oh! I totally forgot, yesterday’s accident
I died due to electric shock, he cannot see me anymore
Shall I threaten him? I decided otherwise and flied off



prabhamani nagaraja said...

a nice trick in the end! but made me curious in the begining.

Rajendra said...

suspense is very good.